Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 23

I've mentioned this before, but I wrote a (private) blog last year and said that it all of a sudden felt like someone was missing. I wrote that when we walked out the door, it literally felt like we were forgetting somebody.

I looked that post up today... I wrote it on Feb 18th.

Annie was 2 days old.
Go God.

All dressed up for her MAMA today!

The nannies were SO proud to bring her in to show me :) Three of them came down with her and two more stopped in during our visit, just to see how happy we were. I love that they care about her so much.

You know how getting married doesn't necessarily change your relationship, except it does? With that one kiss, you are elevated to a place that is more magical and peaceful and... forever?
Technically, today's visit was just like the others. Except... it wasn't. We've known she was "our's" for a LONG time, but on paper, she was just a cute kid we were visiting. Not today!! Today we molded together. Today it was magical and peaceful... and forever.

I don't want to romanticize adoption or fail to let you know how complex it is. It can be sticky, and surprising, and hard, and exciting, and sad, and fun, and scary, and thrilling. And it doesn't end with finalization! It is a life-long process.

We just happen to be in a really cool part of that process right now :)
Yesterday, when I posted that we had passed court, we had 276 "likes" on FB and well over 200 personal congratulations. Now that's cool.

First realization that I'm here alone: I have a migraine and I need to eat.  I DO NOT feel like cooking (and all I have is eggs and rice). Can't send hubby out to get something bc he isn't here. Can't have anything delivered. Need sustenance.

ETA: Decided on bacon and eggs. Didn't take long and already feeling better.


  1. God is just so awesome!!! Love and prayers!!!

  2. When not on fb I see and think about this precious child throughout the day. She has stole my heart, oh how I wish I were about 20 years younger...Congratulations to you, Shawn M.

  3. Dear Amber and Nathan...I've followed and wanted to write the last few days...I knew you would have boo-coodles of comments....just know how happy we are for your family. She is just a precious little thing and oh so lucky to have you both. Your journey has been inspiring...interesting....funny...heartwarming.....sort of a sit on the edge of your seat kind of journey....we feel like we've almost made it with you. It reminds us of what love is...patient, kind, not boastful, not jealous, does not envy. You and Nathan have been selfless in this choice and because of it....God will do great things. Wow...what am I saying...he has already started.
    God speed to you sweet Mama and Daddy and your beautiful family. Can't wait for the New Family Portrait. xoxox Kerrie Reynolds. :)

  4. Well, just got to a hotel in Paris.... Cause they kicked me out of the airport! Lol... well I'm not actually lol'ing... actually I don't think I can consider it "Paris" because it's connected to the airport and I'm not really traveling around, through, about Paris. If it seems like I'm rambling it is because I am sooooo exhausted, after no sleep in 24hrs and being questioned as as a terrorist by French authorities lol. Yeah actually lol'ing this time because I think the beard had a lot to do with it. And that I have somehow managed to get my passport stamped 4 times by french officials and I haven't even left yet. And if you do the math, me not being a citizen here, with an even number of stamps, should mean I'm no longer in the country... so that is why I am going early in the morning, cause they are probably going to want some sort of explanation. Anyway, after that mini cardboard blog (Amber can explain cardboard later) (and if you need no explanation I applaud you) (SERIOUSLY) I JUST got to see the pics from today and Annie is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can't believe they dressed her up like that! Ok, tearing up.... I wish I could have been there today... more than any other day I got to see her. I love you Anna Gray, and I'll see you soon.


  5. She's fabulous! Big congratulations to you!


  6. Migraines are the worst! I speak from experience! Love to see AG all dressed up! She has such a sweet smile, I just love it. Praying and waiting to see more soon! :)

  7. I love that they dressed her up for you, and I love the fact they love her so much! I think we all spent alot of time worrying if she was loved enough, and now we definitely know she was! Slightly alarmed by Nathan's "excitement" in Paris. I say "slightly" only because I know he's already back home. :) Am, I'm thinking of you and Anna Gray and praying daily. I don't like you being there alone, but I know you're tough. ;)

  8. She is so beautiful and always looks to be so happy. Such a blessing for you and for her! Praying for you while you are alone in country. I know it must be kind of scary at times. God bless you and Anna Gray!