Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 29

Edward must have been in a hurry today!

I miss basic traffic laws.

I also miss donuts and McDougals. It's probably been a year since I've had either, but for some reason, I've wanted both the whole time I've been here.

Regarding Gotcha Day, I really was asking for perspective yesterday (vs. affirmation) so thank you all for your input.  I think we are close to making a decision, but we are going to wait to see what Monday and Tuesday hold before deciding for sure.

Annie was an active little bug today!

Active little bugs require some quick camera work!

She's so funny. For about 30 minutes, it's Go! Go! Go! aaaannnd then stop.

I will read it by myself today, thankyouverymuch.

She eventually just plopped herself down face first. She enjoyed a nice baby massage for quite some time. She was wide awake but never moved a muscle.

When it was time to go, her nannie was watching me tell her goodbye and asked if she could take a picture with my camera :)

Just FYI- I don't have a scarf addiction (and will probably never wear these two again!). I wear a scarf every day to disguise the money/passport carrier around my neck.  And I promise I will start wearing makeup again when I get home. Eventually.


I've had to get more creative with food, having different cookware and utensils than I did before.

Tonight, I made the best vareneky I've had yet. They were filled with onion mashed potatoes. I didn't know if they would fill me up, so I poured a soup mix (mushroom, I thought- ended up being more a veggie broth) into a bowl.  I opened what I thought were frozen mushrooms... they ended up being mixed vegetables too so I figured that would work well.

First of all, the vareneky was more than enough to fill me up. Good thing since the soup was AWFUL. A salt block would have been less salty (and I didn't add salt!). I guess it was too concentrated, but the taste was horrible anyway.

Oh well, I tried.
Chocolate, anyone?

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  1. Well at least you tried huh? I'd be dying for some chocolate too. I had to break down and buy a candy bar when we were in Korea. Needed my fix! But Ukraine is totally different I'm sure! Love the pictures of sweet sweet AG! She's just precious! :)