Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 24

It was a fairly eventful morning (see comments on Day 23 to get just an idea).  I was a wee bit stressed trying to find out where Nathan was and what the heck was going on.  Then I made oatmeal, but I found a bug shell. In my mouth. So I threw up.

Let's just say... I was thankful for church today.

Victor- Pastor/worship leader/translator

I mean, I'm always thankful for church but I needed a calming place and needed the fellowship after being here alone for a couple of days.

A valuable nugget from today's message:
It's impossible to get to a comfortable place in your spiritual life and just stay there. If you are truly filled with the Holy Spirit, you have to move forward or you will start going backward. God wants you to go further. Even if where you are seems like a good place to be, He wants you to keep going further.

I was invited to go to Pastor Victor's house this afternoon for Russian Monopoly and the Superbowl (at 1 am!) and had every intention of going. We ("we" as in Me, Lee/Carrie, Victor/Vika and family, Nate/Diana/Max and several others ) ended up staying at church just socializing until about 3:30.


By then, I was tired and still needed to go to the store. I've pretty much been on my booty since dinner time. (No headache today!!)

Nathan should be home a little after midnight my time (4:30ish CST). I plan on waiting up to hear he made it safely- especially after all the drama last night. In related news, I found some chocolate chip cookies at the store that are awesome.


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  1. Hang in there Amber! You're on the home stretch now. Glad to hear that Nathan is back in TN. I'm sure the kids are ecstatic. Anna Gray is precious & your adoption story is inspiring. I told Tommy the other day that your posts are stirring up memories of adopting Lili and I was ready to go get a son. He is a bit more practical than I am though and reminded me that we are full of daily blessings with our two girls. Thanks for blogging, I'm sure it's theraputic for you but it sure is wonderful to read about your journey everyday. We'll keep sending love & prayers your way!! ~Stephanie Monroe