Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 36

Weellll.... I have a baby!
Of course, I've had three other babies before and she's already one year old... so how come I feel like a new mom?!

For five weeks I have had everything in it's place. This is where my clothes go, this is where her clothes go, the groceries, the dishes, the electronics... that lasted for about 30 minutes after she got here. Suddenly, there are blankets and toys and diapers and bottles and pacis and bibs EVERYWHERE. Ha! Just drop and go, I'll get to it later! When I ate, I ate like I was about to lose a race and I didn't get a shower until 5pm. Yep... NEW MOM.

She slept for 12 hours last night! She woke up once around 5am and I was fully prepared to get up and feed her after a few minutes of cuddling... nope, back to sleep. Until 10am!

The rest of our day went like this:
Eat for 20 minutes. Play for 20 minutes. Scream for 20 minutes. Sleep two hours.
Repeat X4

She had a bath :)
She didn't love it, didn't hate it. I fully expected her to yell at me so that's good.

Of course, that came about 10 minutes later.

Poor cold naked baby!

That's better. Sweet girl.
And 10 minutes after that:

Happy again!

This is my other creative/UA parenting invention:
A suitcase bassinet.

There are times when she wants to be upright, but not held. Plus, when I do shower or need to leave the room or whatever, this is the only way I can safely keep her in one place :)

We had better success with the other bottle today. The first one just chokes her :/ They look the same, but for some reason she can only use the pink one. Other than that, she's eating baby cereal, with some fruits and veggies mixed in. They told me she eats soups, eggs, yogurt... but I'm sticking with the safe stuff to avoid any tummy troubles or potential allergies until we get home, just incase.

One minor concern is her diapers. She has barely been wet and hasn't been dirty yet. I expect it's a combination of the change in her routine plus the bottle issue. I kept clean water in her bottle today and offered it regularly, just incase she's a little dehydrated. Hopefully, I'll see a change soon.

It was kind of a wild day, but I'm loving it. I'm SO glad I went ahead and took her out so we can work all this stuff out now instead of on a 6-hour train ride.

I'm looking forward to getting even more acquainted tomorrow :)


  1. Love hearing how your day has gone! You are SO SO SO a "new mom"....again! Felt the same way when we got home with our Aiden! Whew! Big hugs to you A, and hang in there, you're doing awesome! :)

  2. This post is just awesome! the pictures...the stories of your day. Love it. It just fills up my heart. Praying for many more memories and bonding as you go. btw i love the family picture on the side of your blog with the chair for her. <3 SO sweet! I've seen her buy picture on RR before...I can hardly believe her transformation...just getting older...and look at her sweet smiles for you. even her pouting is our cuteness! LOVE!

  3. She looks quite happy and content with you. And love the suitcase idea. Too funny.
    Your RR friend,
    Kim B

  4. Please know that I read your blog every day and send you lots of loving prayers and thoughts. I'm just bad at taking the time to comment these days!! Happy belated first birthday to beautiful Anna Gray!
    Yay for crib suitcases and new flights home! Much love until the next time (possibly far in the future) I comment and thank you so much for all your continued support for me, even when you are where you are!

  5. LOVE! My heart is so happy for you! I can.not.wait. to meet this precious girl and hug her momma!! She's beautiful!

  6. I do not know you but what an amazing story you are living!! A friend, who doesn't know you either, shared your pic of you & the baby leaving the orphanage for the last time. That picture was so touching, I had to know more. I spent all night reading your blogs. I just love all of you! On my lunch hour today I had to check to see your new post with your new adventures. You are an awesome person, with an awesome family. I will continue to read ... thank you for sharing. I have been sharing your story and pics with my 14 & 9 year old daughters. They are in love with the baby! We are praying for you prompt return home to start the life that you all deserve! And praying in general for you all! -- Brooke Brady, Decatur, IL