Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 34

Tough day.

Long, long tough day.

In all honesty, I don't think I can re-live it on this keyboard right now. And as Eugene would say, "At the end of the day..."
We have her birth certificate and adoption decree, we have applied for her ID number and passport, and have everything notarized.

There are just a few more things to do in the morning and then the greatest thing that could possibly happen... I'm bustin' little girl out.

TOMORROW is Gotcha Day!!


Friends, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I'm about to tuck my tail between my legs and possibly throw up, but I don't have a choice...
If you've been reading for a while, you know that "Mr.Generous" donated his frequent flyer miles to cover our trip. It was more than enough to get us here and back and we just cannot say 'thank you' enough.

Unfortunately, the first Delta flight outta here (after our embassy appt) is not until Saturday the 25th. I cannot stay that long. I just can't. It might not seem like a few days makes that much difference... it does. I know by putting this out there, I have to brace myself for more of the "you signed up for this" comments, but unless you've been here and done this on your own, you just won't get it. I have tried very hard to stay positive and be strong, but I need to come home. As soon as possible.

In order to do that, we are going to have to book a flight on another airline. And we need your help.

The day we met Annie and the day we passed court, making her our's, we had well OVER 200 people indicate that they were celebrating with us. If only 60 of you gave $10 each, we could pay for a ticket home.

You KNOW I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to.
I'm sick over it.


Please, if you feel led to respond, please use the chip-in on the top right of the blog.
I promise I will make you the best cupcakes you've ever had when I get back. I am not even kidding. 


  1. I would like to not see the "chip in" on the blog...?

    1. If you use apple, ie iPad, like me, you cannot "see" chip-ins. Amber, can we use you FSP?

    2. I didn't know that! Yes, you can :) RR will put it in my paypal acct. THANK YOU!!

    3. I have a macbook and I can see it.

    4. Ahhh, must just be the iPad and iPhone, no flash player!

  2. No need for cupcakes. They wouldn't make it to Texas anyhow.. but I've been following and I'll give my $10 today and eat cereal tonight instead of stopping for something else.

  3. No "you signed up for this" comments from me. Believe me, I have been there and I TOTALLY GET it when you say, "I have to come home" Feb 25 is like an eternity away.
    Praying for you right now. Planning to write a check.
    Joy McClain

  4. Honey, I DO know exactly what you are talking about and you have our support and 10 bucks and more. I've been right there not so long ago and I know that every moment beyond the one in which you are legally free to return home is desperate and hard. Lord please bring the needed amount swiftly! Eveyone please please repost and help our RR family here, this is real need right now. Hang in there, your almost home.

  5. Praise God for people like you! Happy to help such a wonderful family bring home such a sweet baby. God bless.

  6. Oh Amber, I soooo know that feeling of wanting to just be home. There's nothing like coming in the door at home, and saying to yourself, "I'm home!". I know there's nothing like that feeling. You have been there so long, and have been so positive on here, but I know time away from home, your children, and your hubby really is wearing on you! You are one strong mama! Sending prayers of strength to you and sweet AG! I too understand how "just one more day" is exhausting to think about, much less do. Hang in there, you're doing it lady! :)

  7. I do not know you but have followed your story through RR. I am praying you have all of the funds you need and can bring your baby home to the rest of your family as soon as possible. So what if you knew what you were getting into? Anyone with children knows just how hard it is to be away from them, and you deserve to reunite your family as quickly as possible. I think that you are an amazing and self-less person, and your family is simply a beautiful example of Christ's love. I will be praying for safe travels for you and Annie.

  8. Chipped in and also sending my thoughts, love and prayers to you!

  9. Amber was a little behind on your blog. Chip in sent. God's Speed...Angie Gant (White House)

  10. You don't know me. I'm an adopting momma too...on our second adoption and I can't imagine the stress you are going through...well...who knows what could happen :-P

    Have a safe trip home.