Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 26

I'm in my new place and it's great (it's actually the apartment Carrie and Lee just moved out of). I really like it better, I think. When Tatiana told me "no conveniences", I'm guessing she meant the grocery is not easily accessible and it is much further from the orphanage, etc.  But... it will do just fine.

It is kind of a blessing because as I was packing up to move, I realized very quickly that everything was NOT going to fit in my suitcase. I sent my carry-on home with Nathan... I honestly don't know what we were thinking.  Well, I do- we were thinking I would have less to carry with the baby, but that doesn't matter if I can't fit this stuff in one suitcase! I moved using reusable grocery bags. Classy. I'm going to have to buy a small suitcase to get home :/
If I had waited until time to go back to Kiev to pack, I would have been in BIG trouble.

View from the kitchen:

There were some people ice skating on the river! Fun :)

Annie was a mess today! In the literal way: goopy eyes, hair all over the place, snotty nose, spit up in her hair (and on her clothes and on my clothes and...), but her Mama loves her all the same.

This is her favorite toy we brought (Andi- Naya's?). I shake her arm and make it rattle really fast and then when I let go, she tries :)

"Hand, do you see what she did, Hand? She just left us here in all these balls, Hand! These can't possibly be fun for us."

"Hmm... kind of feels like I'm sinking. That's kinda fun, I guess..."

"I'm so happy in here, Mama!"

She started out on the mat and wiggled her way off...

Laughing in the mirror:

We were singing. She's a fan of Taylor Swift. Or a fan of me singing Taylor Swift. Or a fan of me singing. Or maybe just a fan of me :)

I just finished my first meal in my new place (grilled cheese with bacon- kind of awesome). I don't even feel guilty since it was the size of my fist. I think I'm going to try out the ridiculously deep bathtub before settling in with a movie (wish I had a glass of wine!)


  1. Naya's toy made it all the way there!!! It's a tour-de-force for the bunny rattle. <3

  2. She is so, so cute!!


  3. I have worried about your move and the "less conveniences" all day. Therefore, I am so very glad you like it better! I love the tons of pictures in today's blog. :) All 3 of mine are snot-nosed too. Catalina's even calling it snot nose. Lol. Enjoy that baby girl! Once you get home, you have to share. ;)

  4. Love all the pics! Glad you got settled! Love, prayer and hugs!!!

  5. I just love her smile! Like I've said before, "SUNSHINE!" :)