Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 30

At this point, Annie and I should be home in less than two weeks :)
I'm kind of afraid to say that. I might jinx it.  Cross your figers, eyes, and toes!

A few items of business:

1)  My apologies if you have tried to get in touch with me and I haven't gotten back to you. For one thing, Ukraine/adoption turns your brain to mush. That's a fact. And for two, to be honest... I receive TONS of emails, messages, FB comments, etc every day. I am SO SO grateful for all the encouragement and kind words (seriously, they keep me going), but it's hard to keep up!  If I haven't responded, remind me please :)

2)  SO many of you are writing to ask me what we need when we return. Truthfully, I don't know.  (Refer to #1 about the mush.) Some friends have already given us some clothes, but I don't really know what we have at this point.  There are a few baby items we are going to need and I am working on a small registry, just to point those who are asking in the right direction (not because we're asking for it, just to answer your question!). I REALLY hope that doesn't make me sound like a snob...

3)  Some of our family and friends are planning sort of a "Meet Anna Gray" party for March 3rd. Be on the lookout for details  :)

Now, the good stuff:

We had kind of a mellow day today.
Who am I kidding? She is always mellow- just more or less wiggly.
Today, it was less.

We played in the walker for a while...

(notice Edward watching tv in the background haha)

(little toes just a'paddling... and her duck socks had a bill sticking off of them- so cute)

We ended up like this:

We pretty much stayed like that the rest of the visit. The nannies would have had a fit to see me laying on the floor like that, but that's what I love about Saturday's. It's so much more relaxed- they bring her in, they pick her up. That's it :)

I got to experience Ukraine's version of WalMart today.
And it was awesome.

I would have loved to stay in there and check the whole place out, but Edward is always on the run. No, really- t's hard to keep up with him. (Speaking of run, we saw a man running outside with no shirt today! It was -16*C/3*F out there! Crazy.)  But I digress... I got new luggage. The sales lady wanted me to get the D&B one because it was "toughter". Edward wanted me to get the Gucci one. He kept saying, "Are you sure? Are you sure? The other one is Gucci!" Yeah, I don't care if it's covered in diamonds- I want the cheapest one. So that's done.

Spinach omelet tonight and church tomorrow! I might even take myself out for lunch :)


  1. Love your Saturday!! Hey, just so you know, I'm starting my children's consignment sale business in March. We'll have baby stuff! ;) Prayers and big hugs A and AG!!

  2. Leah, that's just a few minutes away from my mom's house :) We'll be there! Thank you :)