Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 20

Holy day of good news, Batman!

(Nathan added those.)

1) Nathan got a new job! A job that we have been praying about for FOUR years. Literally. The first two weeks here, he was trying so hard not to be worried about it when he clearly was. When he got word, he seriously sunk all the way down and then popped back up like 200 lbs had been lifted off him. God's timing is PERFECT.

2) We have a confirmed court date!!! Oh my, we are so excited.
That means Nathan will be leaving very soon, but more importantly- it means we can count the DAYS until Annie is our's FOREVER.  I know we gush on her like crazy, but Nathan put it perfectly today: "I came here expecting us to meet our amazing daughter... and she is a thousand times more amazing than I could have ever dreamed." It's true.

Tomorrow is Groundhog's Day. Earlier today, I was thinking: it has felt like Groundhog's day for the last two weeks. Every day is pretty much the same, every blog post is pretty much the same. We get up, wear basically the same clothes, she wears the same clothes, we do pretty much the same thing it's a fine line between routine and mundane. But now... now I don't even care. I'll wear this same outfit everyday if I have to- THIS little girl is coming home soon :)

Almost sitting up today!

And look, we didn't even nap on the giant bear- it's time for a change ;)

He will have to say goodbye, but only for a short time. Hopefully, Annie and I are not far behind!

We had Edward drop us off in town today. We ate lunch and walked back, stopping at the bank and the market. It worked out well, except that we hadn't dressed appropriately to walk that far. It wasn't too bad, but I think my toes are still numb.

We had a list of errands to run over the next few days, but we will be squeezing those all in tomorrow after a re-scheduled visit to the orphanage. We already marked one off our list...

CHOCOLATE! (For gifts, not us-ha!)

Daddy is coming HOME!!!!!


  1. Reading this post totally turned a crummy day around! YAY for Nathan's new job and double YAY for a court date. I know that's a big relief since that means you'll get to come home soon :)

  2. HOLY BATMAN, BATMAN!!!!! OVERJOYED for ALL OF YOU! COURT!!! JOB(TRIPLE LIKE!!!)!!!!!!!!! Love you!!

  3. YIPPEEEEE!!!! SO happy for you!! Things are happening for you all, and before you know it, Nathan will be all settled in his new job, and you will ALL be settling in at HOME!! :)

  4. AWESOME!!! Court date, court date! Congrats in Nat's new job, congrats on keeping it together, congrats on that sweet adorable AG!!! :)

  5. Yay for all of your good news!! I love the pictures of AG today. Not that I don't love all her pictures, but something about these is just special.