Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 27

Ten day wait is half way over!

Some of you have said that it's going by fast... I beg to differ ;)

Today's visit did seem to go by pretty quickly though. Probably because Edward turned on the tv,  so instead of being in this huge, awkwardly quiet room with him just sitting there for two hours while I try to entertain a baby... well, actually that was all the same, except there was noise. But it helped!

With this hair, she looks almost like her RR photo :)

We spent an entire 20 mins today watching videos of the big kids on my phone.
She was mesmerized.

Edward was looking at me like I was crazy because I was laughing SO hard. Layla, Brynn, and Cale: you guys are FUN. I miss you!!

She finally got restless and I think maybe reached for me?  She kind of lunges at people sometimes, but I've never seen her reach for anyone. Maybe :)

If she did, I knew why....

Can I puh-lease go to sleep now?

Brynn, I got out your super-soft blanket today and Annie went to sleep right away! She loved it! Thank you for sharing, sweet girl.

Nathan and LP- Look! This eiffel tower replica is on our way to the orphanage.

(Those dark spots are men working.)

When we first arrived here, they had just started building it. We were wondering if it would be done before we left :)

I've been pretty lazy since I got home. I would kill for some carbonation, but wanted to wait until I had more daylight hours tomorrow to go to the store since I'm not familiar with it. Tonight, probably another movie and more pasta- with spinach and mushrooms, of course. You would think I'd be tired of those two by now... I've had spinach and mushrooms on pasta, rice, pizza, ramen, eggs... but I'm good so far! Ask me again in a week.

Day off tomorrow...


  1. You're hanging in there, wtg! Keep it up! :)

  2. Amber, I am soo soooo happy that you are officially Anna G's family! You know how happy I am for you ALL. I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately, my phone shat itself and it has me almost crippled! It's pathetic, really!
    But again, congrats and good luck in the remaining time you are there alone! I love reading your posts. I think you are painting a wonderfully honest picture of this whole process.
    Oh, also, yesterday I read an article on CNN about eastern europe enduring record cold! bundle your tiny butt up! :)