Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 38

I told you the sea fish would work ;)

It was really sweet, actually (hang on, I'm going somewhere with this...). She slept from 9p-1a when I started hearing the raspberries and then realized she needed to be changed (yay!). So I changed her, gave her a bottle, and we laid back down. She was on her stomach on her side of the bed just looking at me. Next thing I know, she flips to her back then flips again to her stomach and she's right beside me! She laid her little face next to mine and put her arm on my arm and went back to sleep :) PRECIOUS.

I love her so much. So stinking much.

If only she were a little more expressive...

How cute is she in her "girl pirate" pjs her big brother picked for her?

I had been reminded that she won't be used to being held all the time so she could tire of it really quickly... she doesn't get tired of it. In fact, at this point, she doesn't really want me to put her down much at all. Which is good for now, since she's about to spend HOURS at a time in my arms for travel.

If it looks like I'm still wearing yesterday's clothes, it's because I am. If it looks like there's oatmeal with pears on my shirt, it's because there is.

I'm so proud of her. When we first started visiting her, she was not even close to sitting up yet. She has gotten much stronger and now sits pretty well! Still a little unbalanced and can't quite get there on her own, but MUCH better.

She can also pick things up and put them down on purpose now :)

Five weeks is a long time in infant years, but she's even made some huge strides just in the last three days. I can't WAIT to see what this little girl decides she's going to do next!

I made a version of fried rice today. It was actually pretty good, I just made a little too much. Ha!

Anna Gray even had a little bit. She loved the veggies I smashed up and even had a few bites of egg. She wasn't crazy about the texture of the rice.

She had her first visitors tonight :)

Diana, Nate, and Max came by to meet her/tell us goodbye. They also brought yummy treats!

 I was going to give her a little taste, but she fell asleep. You snooze, you lose!

Kiev tomorrow!!!!!  Annie's first train ride :) Pray for smooth travel!


  1. Praying!!! I love her many expressions, they are too cute!!! Hugs and prayers!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! she is SO beautiful :)

  3. Yayyy she is so improving on all of her motor skills!!! So excited for you all! Get home! We all can't wait to see her or you!! Love to you~Mylinda

  4. Loving the pictures!! So so cute and love the nightly snuggle sleep time! Precious!!! Prayers for you and AG Amber! Moving on, moving on!!! :)

  5. Aww, she is so sweet! I love how she cuddled up with you! I hope the liquids are going better! Safe travels!

  6. She is so precious! I can't believe how strong she is already! God bless you!