Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 39... on Day 40

{As you might have guessed, we didn't have internet when we arrived late last night and had to wait until today to get it fixed. Today meant 6:30 tonight, unfortunately. Sorry for the worry!

This is the blog I typed last night that I couldn't post. I will do today's next.}

We are in my fifth and final apartment. {God willing.}

The train sucked.

Sorry, but it did.

We were next to the heater. And by ‘next to’, I mean it burned my leg through my jeans.

My chapstick melted, my chocolate melted, my baby melted.

Anna Gray was AMAZING, especially considering the circumstances. She slept almost the entire six hours.  I don’t know how though. She was so hot. I did everything I could to cool her off. I stripped her down to just a onesie, I blew on her, I wiped cold condensation of the window on her neck. She was soaked in sweat.

She slept on me. I was wearing fleece, with my coat around my back, her snowsuit on my legs, her clothes in my lap, her blanket on my chest, and the backpack between my legs. I was dripping sweat onto her.

That last hour… that last 15 minutes… Oh my.  We were entering “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” territory.

But it’s over. We’re here. And we are one step closer to being done. Woot.

It’s midnight and our first embassy appointment is at 9:30am.

T minus 74 hours until HOME.


  1. I've been checking every hour for an update! ;) So sorry your train ride was yuck, but happy to read that your sweet girl did well. Continued prayers for your travel home.

  2. Oh wow! Rough ride, but you did your absolute BEST lady! BTDT! WTG and the good thing is, that part is over, in the past, and now moving on! :) Yah!! :)