Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 40 on Day 40.

Sorry the last post was a little grim, but that's where I was when I wrote it last night!

Today was better. A little hurried this a.m. with a few gaps in communication, but our embassy appointment was a breeze.  Their staff was so helpful and kind. We go back in the morning for her medical exam and then our visa appointment in the afternoon.

I almost cried when Tatiana handed me her passport yesterday. Her passport. To go home.

I almost cried again when she told me she had been baptized in the orthodox church and gave me her baptism certificate with a small silver crucifix. This is the ONE thing that belonged to her that she is bringing home from Ukraine.

We had a nice day after the embassy this morning. We rode back to our apartment with another RR family. I fed AG and put her down for an overdue nap before we headed back out.

Just incase I can't remember who this slice of perfection is laying next to me:

I was watching a movie to pass the time and kept hearing banging outside on our porch. I went out and what seemed like BUCKETS of water was rolling off the roof from the melting snow and ice. I don't know why, but it made me smile.

View from the 8th floor (at least I'll be coming home with trim thighs) :

I'm done cooking in Ukraine and really didn't want to buy any food since we are leaving, which means....

She had her own order of fries. I hadn't eaten in 27 hours and had no desire to share mine. I just broke off little pieces and she did fine! She probably only ate the equivalent of two fries while waiting for her bottle to cool.

Three trips out today and I never did find diapers. I have ONE left. Anna Gray is going to bed now wearing tights and a dish towel so I can save the one for tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is our LAST DAY IN UKRAINE!!


  1. So sweet about the cross!!! And I love the name on her bottom. So excited for your trip back home. We will continue to pray for safe travels. :)

  2. We got the girls crosses too and that means so much to me, even though we are not catholic, it is something that belonged to them. Glad you are almost home, can't wait to meet you all and Ms. Anna Gray!!!

  3. Praying for safe travels home. She is such a precious little girl and she has the most amazing mom, you two were meant for each other.