Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 35


She does not love snowsuits.

It's my baby girl's very first birthday and today she left the orphanage for the very last time!!

From the orphanage doctor:
 "I can't believe it, but she kisses you! You love each other very much." (translated).
I'm sure you understand just how grateful we are that this is the orphanage she has called home for the last year.  They've been wonderful and clearly adore her.

A few quick errands and we were home in no time!

Beautiful birthday girl!!

This baby is kind of internet sensation today! Whoa! Mad birthday wishes, little girl!
I wish I could print off all 400 (and counting...), but we'll just hope Facebook is still around when you learn to read and utilize that handy new timeline feature.

We got in a few Skype calls- including her brother and sisters!!
I think things just got real for the big kids. Ha. They yelled out sang Happy Birthday to their baby sister. They're so sweet!

She had a nice nap in the middle of the floor (on a palet).  Eat, sleep, or play...her only options are the floor or my arms, this could get interesting!  I did figure out rather quickly that she can, in fact, roll from back to front :)

I was quickly ushered back into the world of babyhood.
Feeding her the first time... ehhh... didn't go so great. I had no idea when she had eaten last or what time she normally eats, so I just waited until she starting fussing. I fixed her a bottle, which she attacked- but she was having a really hard time actually swallowing any of it. Maybe it was coming out too fast for her? The spoon was a different story...

Like a CHAMP.

How do you like my makeshift highchair? Just call me Mama McGyver.

A full belly and a dry diaper, this kid is HAPPY.
She loves the kissing bunnies Tatiana and Valentine got her for her birthday! (How sweet is that?!)

When she was done, she was DONE. I think I walked more in this apartment tonight that I have any other day, ha. I not-so-secretly missed this.  I had to walk and bounce and sing and soothe until she quit crying and I loved every second of it.  Once I put her down, she was OUT in about 90 seconds. Again, no idea of when she typically sleeps so I'm not sure if she is down for the night or not. I may be joining her soon just incase.

Things I learned from day one:
I did NOT bring enough bibs and burpcloths. I will be doing laundry every day. I should have bought more cookies.

You'll be glad to hear... our flights home are BOOKED! It is the absolute best case scenario, I couldn't be any happier about the flight plan. Thank you to my dear sweet husband who worked his tail off to fix it after my meltdown yesterday!!  And obviously, it would NOT be possible if it weren't for you and your support- prayerful, financial, or otherwise. THANK YOU.

LAYLA, BRYNN, AND CALE (and Nathan):
Anna Gray loved seeing you today! I can't wait until we get home and she sees that you are real! ha! Your great big smiles warmed my heart! Almost home guys! I love you and cannot wait to see the real you too!

Sweet girl... I don't even know how to tell you how much I love you. And now I'm crying just trying! You make the world a better place. You are sunshine at it's brightest. I don't know why God chose me to be your mommy, but I feel like the luckiest gal in the world. For the next few days, it's just me and you kid. We won't ever get this time back. I can't wait to see what you have to teach me. I apologize in advance if your cheeks get chapped from all the kissing. I can't help myself. Happy birthday, Annie.


  1. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl!!!! You all make a beautiful pair!

  2. I hope "Gray" is a family name because she should be Anna SUNSHINE not Gray! (Yes, that was extremely cheesy. Deal with it.) :)

  3. I've been stalking your blog for a new post! Lol. Words cannot express how happy I am for you! And what a relieve that your flight HOME is booked!!! Eekkkkk! Instead of a donation I have something I'm doing for Anna, but I will have to drop it off at the church (hope y'all got the clothes) when you get back home and settled:) I'll get with you on that later though! Can't stop smiling for you!
    Michelle Thompson

  4. I am so unbelievably excited for you!!! I have loved following your story! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe as you travel home! Happy Birthday, Sweet Annie :-) Let me know if you need anything when you get home....(I definitely have a few girl things stored away;-) )

  5. Give God the glory. He is good and He is faithful to strenthen and care for each of us. Praise Jehovah!

  6. I love seeing her with you! Oh to be in that room and watch her do "her" things! Congrats, can't wait to hear you two are home!! :)

  7. She is just gorgeous and what an amazing God-thing that it just happened to be her birthday!! As far as money, sure, use it for other adoption expenses. I am so delighted that the plane trip is taken care of.
    Joy McClain

  8. Congratulations on getting her today. Happy Birthday Anna!!

  9. Yay!!! Happy Gotcha Day!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Sweet Anna Gray!!!

    Prayers and hugs!!!

  10. She is beautiful! Happy, Happy Birthday Anna Gray! And Congratulations to you and your new family. I'm overjoyed reading about you, it has reminded me that there IS so much good in this world.

  11. Ok I am at work and I have to tell you I have sobbed like a baby!!! I am so glad that you got tickets home and I am so excited for your family to get to see you, and this sweet ball of Sunshine in person! I know (DEDA) is going to eat both of you up! This sweet child has brought so much joy Amber to us all through your blog and it makes my heart excited to see her face and her smile I can feel God's love through you both in these pictures!! You are an amazing mother and wife and that sweet Amber is why you were chosen! It takes a "chosen one" to be able to do what you have endured for her, for you and for your family. You have amazing support and love and I know that God will continue to provide for you!!! Love to you always Mylinda!

  12. Finally getting caught up. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I know your flights home are taken care of, but I donated to your FSP too.

  13. Oh she is so sweet! I can't believe her gotcha day was also her birthday! How awesome! Just a little tidbit, lots of babies/toddlers with Ds have trouble stalling thin liquids, which I'd wager to guess is what happened with the bottle, so they need slightly thickened liquids, you can use cereal or applesauce to thicken most stuff, and may want to have a speech eval once home to make sure she doesn't aspirate! Congrats, and I'm so glad you got your tickets home!