Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 32

Let me start on a good note:
The wait is over, the court decree is final, and there is a new
Anna Gray West in the world.

Today did not go as planned.
The plan was to visit AG, grab a bite at home, go shop for everything I need to have her with me (diapers, wipes, formula, food, etc), and go to women's Bible study (for the last time, so I could say 'goodbye' to my new friends). Then paperchase tomorrow.

First of all, I had a migraine.
You'd think I'd be used to it by now. It hit on the way to the orphanage and I of course had nothing with me. I fought through our visit, but it wasn't pretty. Yuck :/

I apparently worded my question about medicine wrong, because Edward kind of panicked. I had tried to explain to him that I had a headache that made me sick (I didn't know if 'migraine' would translate).
"You're sick?! Hang on." Edward calls Tatiana. Tatiana calls me (while I'm sitting right next to Edward in the car).
"You are sick?"
"I just have a bad headache and was wondering if Edward could take me to get some medicine."
"Yes, I see. Okay, you have infection and favor."
"Yes, you have favor."
"No, no fever. No infection."
"Ah, yes. You need to go to doctor. Edward will take you."
"No, no doctor. Pharmacy."
"Oh, pharmacy. I'll call Edward."(Who is sitting right next to me in the car.)

Tatiana calls Edward. Edwards tells me he will take me to the pharmacy... to get Theraflu.
"Not Theraflu, Aspirin."
"Oh... yes."
"Just take me home please."

Edward calls Tatiana. Tatiana calls me. Still sitting in the car next to each other.

I came home and ripped all four layers off, gave myself an Imitrex shot, and went to bed. I feel much better, but not great.  This is one of those nights I really wish food would just appear in front of me. I don't know if it's Ukraine or just the way I grocery shop in Ukraine or what, but there is no quick food. It takes work to eat. Which is good if you want to limit snacking, but not if you are physically ill and need to eat something, anything, fast.

Tatiana has been sick, and now she thinks I'm sick, so I was worried this was going to delay us. I went to email her as requested and instead had an email from her stating that the vital statistics office is closed due to a scheduled power outtage. We can't get the birth certificate tomorrow and we can't do anything else without the birth certificate. She says it will all be fine on Wednesday.

For the love of pete, please pray that it is and we get ALL of our paperwork done on Wednesday.  I want to go home.

Obviously, I can't ignore the one big bright shining spot in my day...

Annie West

She was very, very excited.

She also would like to go HOME. She told me.

Thanks to Vika for the new bows :)

All that excitement just plum wears a girl out.

I feel ya, Sister.


  1. Praise GOD for the blessings and push through the struggles - you're closer each day to bringing that beautiful little girl home to her family!

  2. Bless your heart Amber! What an ordeal then have a migraine on top of that. I have them too, and it would not be pretty if I was dealing with the same! But AG sure is a highlight! Prayers still it all goes well Wednesday! :)

  3. I'm sorry that you have a migraine today!!! Satan likes to attack us in the worst way. Glad the 10 day wait is over and you get to paper chase on Wednesday. Hugs and prayers!!!