Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 19

Thank you all for the prayers and suggestions regarding the migraines. They were bad before we left, so this is nothing new to me. I do think that I am probably dehydrated in this dry COLD air, so I plan on upping the water intake to see if that helps. We also got up this morning and actually ate breakfast instead of heading out the door with coffee/tea in hand. I think it helped  :)

The other day, we were walking home and Nathan asked me, "Isn't is the strangest feeling when your nose hairs freeze?".
 I had no idea what he was talking about.
Well, I do now. It is SO, SO (dangerously) cold, even wearing five layers of clothes.. When we got home tonight, I literally had tears frozen on my cheeks. (I wasn't crying, my eyes were burning from the wind.)

There have been several deaths here with the temps being so low. It is expected to be around -30* C tomorrow. They are closing schools and advising everyone to stay in, if possible. Please be in prayer for those that don't have that option.

In warmer news:
We had another great day with our little love muffin!

Isn't she just scrumptious?!
{turn your head to the left!}

Annie was a little unsure about her daddy's beard today. Especially after he kissed all over her- her little face broke out!

She fell asleep like a little koala bear today, with both arms and legs wrapped around me- so sweet!

We had our first experience on the metro tonight! It was during rush hour so it kind of felt like a cattle stampede. Coming home was much better!

We met Carrie and Lee for dinner at a Ukrainian buffet.

It was really good, and really cheap... or it would have been. I didn't realize when you pointed at something, they fix you an entire plate of it. Then they weigh it, to make sure they gave you enough. If you point at two somethings, they give you two entire plates. Four plates later, I had more food than I could eat in a week.

It was really good though! We will probably try to go back before Nathan gets out of here, but HOPEFULLY that only gives us a few more days :) Still praying!!


  1. Love AG's laugh!!! Precious!!! Continuing to pray for you all! Sorry its so cold! Are the sidewalks dangerous, they were when we were there and that made it even harder because not only were you cold, your eyes running, nose hairs frozen, and then you were trying to walk on the sidewalks which were awful!

    Stay warm! Hugs, love and prayers!!!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer :)
    The side walks have been packed down snow and now they are ICE. But like... the kind you don't see coming! So slick. We've seen several people fall :(

  3. I do love her laugh! Precious girl! :) Stay warm and safe!

  4. Please be careful in the cold! I've heard enough horror stories on the news to scare me. On the other hand, that laugh of hers is absolutely adorable and made me tear up! So so sweet!

  5. Ack!! Please be careful!! I agree with Jenn, her laugh is infectious! She is beautiful!!

  6. Love the baby laugh. She is so sweet I almost don't care that it is almost 3 am and I am still awake! Hope you have a good visit today!