Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 17

I find it really amusing how similar our Sunday in Ukraine was to our Sundays at home.

Wake up, (be lazy until the absolute last minute when you have to...) get ready for church. Get to church, talk until service started three minutes ago. Worship to the point of tears (My God is Mighty to Save!), even though it's in a completely different language. Listen to God talking directly to you (always?!) during the service (in Russian?), His word is His word no matter where you are.  Fellowship after church until everyone's stomaches are growling. Help tear down church (I thought we were done with that?!). Go eat late lunch with friends. Come home happy. Let your kids make you laugh (God bless Skype).

Throw in a movie, ice cream, and a haircut for Nathan- feels like home today!

Today's lessons courtesy of Calvary Church and 1 Kings 22:
Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing. God's true prophets are right 100% of the time, not 99%. Trust your spiritual discernment. Satan can't make attempts to ruin you without God's permission. So if God allows it, it's because HE has something for you.

ETA: Holy cow, I make a good grilled cheese in Ukraine!


  1. That is awesome that ya'll had a great service! It is amazing to see God work in another language! I loved the grilled cheese, I lived on that and Roman Noodles (their kind) after Andrew left because that was the easiest thing to make and buy. Love and prayers!

  2. Love those Sundays! Even in Ukraine!!:) God bless!