Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 15

Wow. You all really are swell.
I never expected to post that yesterday and so many of you contact me almost immediately about helping cover it so we can see our girl every day. How incredibly thoughtful.

We are actually okay with the schedule we've agreed on. It is very common for families to choose a couple of days not to visit. Often the weekend, but we didn't want to miss her that much two days in a row :) So we will take off Sundays for church and one other day mid-week. Actually, some families even go home and wait for their court date. Each one has to decide what is best for their family to get thru this process and get home for good.

Thank you so much for your generous offers!

We had another sweet day with Anna Gray today :) She was in footies today and was just so snuggly.

I'm pretty sure they cut her hair again. Wednesday it had already grown enough for me to sweep it to the side. Today it was all choppy again. But they don't cut the back, so it has a nice Joe Dirt look to it.

She still hasn't adjusted to only one nap! Poor baby.

We actually spent about 90% of our visit like this:

She was tired and I had migraine. We were both content, so we just stayed that way.


Of course, we woke her up in time to get a few giggles out :)

After lunch, we headed to the market. We only spent $30 on our groceries this time. Now that we can read some of the labels (whoop! whoop!) and we have a better idea of what we eat throughout the week, it was much easier!

We may have even bought spaghetti sauce this time! I'll let you know tomorrow for sure.

By the way, have I told you yet that when Nathan doesn't know the Russian word(s) he needs to use or can't think of it at the moment, he starts speaking Spanish?! And then I, of course, burst out laughing. If someone here doesn't speak English, I can pretty much guarantee they aren't going to understand you speaking Spanish, buddy. And then they looks at us even crazier because he's all over the map and I'm just standing there laughing. It's fun... 
 Broken Russian and a serious game of charades seem to be the most effective in our experience ;)


  1. Snuggle days are the best! She is just so precious! I love forward to all the pictures each post! Congrats, many hugs, and lots of love A & N! :)

  2. She is SO smooshy and cute!!! We are a fellow RR family in TN - can't wait until AG is a TN girl!


  3. Amber I love reading your post and seeing the most beautiful pictures. I almost feel like a creeper because I can't wait to see if you have posted on here. I have told so many people about your wonderful story and your beautiful family.
    I pray for you all everyday and that you will be back here soon with your 3rd beautiful daughter.
    Kathy Stamps

  4. love, Love, LOVE your blog about the path that lead you to your "adorable", "smooshy, "snuggley", baby girl.
    She's a cutie and your journey awesome. Thanks for allowing the general public go on the journey with you. I laughed, I cried, I've lived the part. Thanks.. Leslie's Aunt

  5. Look a those awesomely cute smiles! Your daughter is too much!
    I hope your migraine subsided and you're feeling better!
    Say hit o cool breeze for me. Ha!