Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 3

Here's what we learned today:

1: We should not have stayed up until 4am.
That seems obvious, probably, but I guess we slept too late yesterday to go back to sleep at a decent time. So when Eugene called at 10am this morning, we were still snoozing and we stayed tired most of the day. Maybe jet lag is to blame for some of it, maybe not.

2. We are not very assertive.
Eugene called to ask if we'd like to go on a tour of the city and learn some of the history of U. Several families have done it and said it's well worth the money, but we had already discussed it and agreed we would pass. So, you know, we went. He picked us up and took us to his "friend" who sells souvenirs. And well, first gift purchased!

The snow was really coming down, so Eugene suggested we skip his usual walking tour and go to the museum.

It was really interesting! I'm glad we were able to learn so much about the country's history. My dad would be thrilled that we spent more than three hours in the museum, and Nathan says he really enjoyed it. Eugene is great- extrememly knowledgable and helpful. Also learned from the museum...

3. Bring your own toilet paper- everywhere.
The Sadlers had already told us to bring some, I assumed for emergencies. I was glad we did bc our apartment didn't have any. Turns out, neither did the museum.
AND it was my first experience with "squatty potties". Ahem.
(If you have a bobby pin on your waist for later, it will go in the squatty potty. And it will flush, just fyi.)

Eugene couldn't help himself from showing us the other parts of the city, so he suggested we walk back to our apartment (maybe 15 mins away).

4. It's COLD. Again, obvious, but... it's COLD. I had on more layers today and it was still colder than it was last night. Not miserable or anything, I'm sort of enjoying it :) The walk back was beautiful, even getting smacked in the face by snowflakes. The boots are just not cutting it. I had to really sit back in my saddle coming down the hills on our walk home and take little baby chicken steps. Several people today, both on the street and in the museum, were not even hesistant to point and laugh! Guess I'll be trying my other pair tomorrow.

Wait, not tomorrow- I need to wear my dressy boots tomorrow because tomorrow is our APPOINTMENT! Already?! Crazy. Sooo ready. This is the point where we will meet with the adoption authority and will officially be asked if we'd like to adopt Gracie. We will learn her real name and birthday (Squee! Any last minute guesses?!), find out where she is, and a brief medical history. Spoiler alert: We will say YES :)

If you could, pray specifically for our appointment and that our nerves don't get the best of us- as well as the other four families who have appointments tomorrow.

We were trying to connect with some of the others today, but everyone's schedule is different- especially with them just arriving last night. We're (all) wiped out, so I think we're just going to stay in and get rested for tomorrow :)

How was church today? We missed not being there. We walked around in snow ALL DAY and it's still snowing. Tomorrow we get to see a new picture of your sister. Do you think they cut her hair? I hope not! I think we are going to try pizza for dinner. They put mayonaise on their pizza here! Not too sure about that. Let's Skype later!! Love you love you love you!

Our guesses on bday:
Layla- Feb 21
Cale- Jan 18 (that's YOUR bday, buddy!)
Brynn- 18. Just 18.
Daddy- Feb 10
Mommy- Feb 5



  1. What's funny is they will laugh at you for your boots, but they will wear stiletto heels and crazy high-heeled boots. Praying for you all and can't wait hear about tomorrow! Have fun!

  2. I saw Feb 10th! Love the pictures and soooooooo excited for you guys about tomm! Lots of prayer!!!!!

  3. My vote it February 21st!!!!!!

  4. I will be praying for a smooth appointment tomorrow!

    I'm guessing Feb 4, as that is my brothers birthday.

  5. My vote is Feb. 21st too!!! Love the pictures!! So excited for you and Praying tomorrow is super smooth!! We will be in Kiev tomorrow - so hoping we will be able to meet up.

  6. Finally getting to catch up and read all the blog posts!!! SoOo excited!! Praying for your meeting, can't wait to read all the details!! Love you!

    PS I'm voting Feb 4 or Feb 19 :)

  7. Can't wait to find out! Praying for you guys, Miss Anna and the kiddos!

  8. Just wanted you to know that i am so glad you are back on line with the blogs, i missed knowing what was going on with you guys. I had to comment on the "baby chicken" steps and let you know that I pray for all of you in your journey. Hopefully you are holding that beautiful little girl in your arms right now. Love the one and only "Mama Chicken"