Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 4.1

The OCD side of me needs to wait to the end of the day to blog to keep things consistent (look... it is what it is) but the excited side of me is about to burst!!

You couldn't wipe these smiles off our faces if you tried!

I did NOT sleep last night. At all. I wasn't that nervous at the time, but my mind just would not hush. I fell asleep at 6:47... the alarm went off at 7. I did doze until about 8 (we had allowed plenty of time to get ready and make sure we had everything without being rushed).

Niko got here at 9:30. We went with two other (RR) families. Our fellow Tennesseans went first (Andrey) and had no trouble at all. They barely spoke, I believe. Our facilitator does most of the work.

We were next! We were big heaping bundle of nerves, but trying not to be. We walked in and sat down and they asked to see our passports. 

The lady (I'm not sure of her title/position at the DAP) immediately asked us why such a young couple was adopting. And then- why would we want to adopt here?

I think she liked us, she smiled a lot :) She then asked if we were there to adopt _______ (her real name). Since we'd never been told her real name, I asked her to repeat it because I wasn't sure what she said. They clearly panicked a little and thought we were the wrong couple. They started matching all the files really quickly before Yulia turned to us and said, "You don't know her name, do you?". When we said no, they started laughing, realizing why were we unsure who they had asked about. We, of course, said YES we want her! And they showed us her file/picture. The picture they have is actually the full-length version of the one we already have. We've seen it before, but something about seeing it there again, attached to her file with our name on it was pretty overwhelming. I teared up, Nathan just had THE biggest grin and pulled it in closer.

They said she's a very quiet baby :)
Technically, I can't post her birthdate here publicly... but I can tell you that she is EXACTLY 11 months old TODAY :)

We had one slight moment of panic when she called her orphanage to verify she was there and available (customary). Apparently, it took them a few minutes to answer that question. We could tell both the DAP lady and Yulia were starting to worry. Our hands held on tighter. I don't think either of us were breathing there for a second. Finally, they said she was there. They also had to ask if any Ukrainians were interested in her, but Yulia even laughed that one off because Ukrainians don't adopt children with DS.

And that was it! We were done!
We will pick up our written referral tomorrow between 4-5 and then we will take an overnight train to her region :) We will meet her on WEDNESDAY!! That's 48 hours from now!!!

We're coming, dolchka!! (daughter)


  1. Praise the LORD!
    Sorry, I know that sounds a bit corny, but it is my honest response.
    Wow, now you can breathe -- and sleep!
    (Btw, she has the same b-day as my J and he's pretty special too. ;) )
    She will get to have her first birthday at home!!!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Prayers answered. So excited for your family. Maybe get some sleep? Love you guys!

  3. That is so awesome :) I am excited for you guys can't wait to see pics be safe :)

  4. Ah!! Tears of joy!! Tears of Relief for y'all!! Wow. Really no words...Sweet girl your mommy and daddy are coming!!!!! God is so good :-)

  5. OH MY WORD, Amber! I am bawling for you guys!!

    You turned my wailing into dancing;
    You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
    that my heart may sing to You and not be silent.
    O LORD my God, I will give You thanks forever.
    - Psalm 30:11-12

  6. WOW! so happy to hear that you are almost there! I am sitting on the edge of my seat...I cannot wait until you touch her. I am anxiously waiting your next Blod entery!

  7. I am so loving your blog! Thanks for posting so we can all read and love! Best of luck and lots of rest - HAHA! Enjoy mama! :)

  8. OHHHHH MYYYY how sweet he is!!!! So excited for you both!!! My heart is racing too!!! Prayers are being answered by the second!!! Happy 11 Months Annie!!! You are loved more than you know already!!!!
    Congrats to you both!! Get some rest!!! Love you!


  9. I knew she would be there-never doubted for a minute that sweet girl wasn't YOURS! You can't deny how God has orchestrated every move, every step, every detail throughout this entire process! Give her an extra kiss and gentle squeeze from her Lelly!!!!!

  10. YAY!!! You guys are probably asleep by now...I like the current time at the top! :) I'm so happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to see a current picture!! Love you!!