Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 12

When we got there this morning, the music teacher (the lady in the closet! I asked Tatiana.), came out and told us/Tatiana that I did a good job playing the piano yesterday, that we were a beautiful couple, and that we make the baby happy when we talk to her. She's so nice!

She loves giving kisses!

When they brought the baby in, her nanny told us/Tatiana that she (baby) has been very different since we started coming- much happier :) She also told her that at one year old, they move to a new groupa and only take one nap in the afternoons. They are not going to move her since she is close to going home with her Mama and Papa, but they ARE trying to change her to one nap a day. That's why she is so tired when we get there and for us to be patient.

At least we know now why she was suddenly so sleepy all the time!

Poor baby. She laughed and laughed when we got her but she only made it about 20 minutes today.

She was OUT.

We tried everything: playing, moving, sitting her up, putting her in the walker... she slept thru every bit of it.

Oh, she was pitiful but we could not stop laughing.

If someone came in the room, we would turn around and talk/play with her but she never cracked an eye!

We made it thru with only a few whimpers, but she cried again when we gave her back to the nanny ;) Hopefully, she was on her way to a good, long nap!

The nanny also asked us what we would be naming her, and told us they will start calling her that too. I thought that was very sweet.  We have been calling her by her Ukrainian name or her Ukrainian name+Anna Gray, so hopefully she will make the transition easily.

Another lazy afternoon back at the apartment! More Tudors (We are going to have to take a break though- I realized last night I was praying in a British accent and we have threatened to behead each other at least twice ;)  When we packed it seemed like we were bringing lots of entertainment for ourselves, we absolutely should have brought more.

I believe chess and/or checkers are on the menu for the rest of our evening!

Sass- do you like what Anna Gray has on?! She looks like a teddy bear- your favorite! Layla, have fun at dance tonight! Can't wait to hear how your buffalos are coming. Cale, did you like the silly string?! I bet you all had fun with that!!  We miss you all!! Daddy REALLY wishes he could make a snowman with you with all this snow. Thank you all for being so good while we are gone. We're proud of you and we can't wait to get home to you! WE LOVE YOU!!


  1. I love the pictures and have been noticing what a wonderful play room they have! It sure sounds like Anna Gray has been loved. I can't wait to read that she is YOURS!

  2. She is beautiful guys!!! Can't wait to finally meet her!

  3. She is so, so cute!


  4. I check your blog numerous times a day for new entries. It's an addiction. :) she is so stinking cute, & that outfit is adorable! Glad she is loving her Mama & Papa! Miss you, and can't wait to meet that sweet girl!

  5. I believe these are my favorites thus far! Well, I don't know they are all adorable! It makes my heart happy to know the nanny has noticed a change in Anna Gray since you two have been visiting her!!!!! Ah! Love it!

  6. This post made me cry today. It is so wonderful that the nannies in the nursery are transitioning her to "go home" with you. Every day she becomes yours a little bit more. Hang in there and think of the wonderful story you can tell her when she gets older of her journey home. What a sweet baby you have!
    Amanda DePriest

  7. The outfit was way too cute! Such a precious girl..love the cheeks
    Your FL RR family internet friend
    Kim B

  8. love the pics! she is just so darn precious!! love!! :)

  9. Oh my, what an adorable baby girl! and that little outfit is so cute! I just want to squeeze her! Can't wait to meet her in person.

  10. I love her smiling face! She is like warm sunshine, just makes you smile all over! I love it! I really would LOVE to meet you all after you've settled in at home. I adore your posts of AG! I look forward to hearing how things are going with the visits! Bless her little heart, she's so sleepy. Transitioning to 1 nap is soooo hard! Praying for you all and that little sweet pea! :)

  11. She's already got the "johnson" syndrome! ;-) you know us, we can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Lol