Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 5

Slept late again! Once we got up, we started cleaning the apartment, doing laundy (we did use the washing machine afterall- thanks, Google!), and packing our clothes.

We showered, got ready, and ate some left-over pizza. We made sure everything was cleaned up and put away because we had no idea what time someone would be coming to get us for the train station. Then we headed out- We were on a hunt for a flat iron since mine blew up the second we plugged it in and I don't want to continue looking like a cartoon character. We also needed to see if we could find a modem to take to region, scouted gifts for the kids, and bottled water for the train ride.

We hit the underground shops and two malls, and only came home with two cokes (aka Coca-Cola regulars- with REAL sugar), bottled water, and something for AG's room.

This is Nathan on the phone with Luda, receiving some not great news :/

BTW, I had no idea when I took the picture.

The computer system was down today and none of the referrals got printed. They hope to have them printed tomorrow morning by 10. Niko or Eugene should come get us around 9am and they are trying to change our train tickets for the express train tomorrow afternoon.

We're obviously disappointed. That means we won't see Anna Gray until Thursday. And it's frustrating that we have to get into our vacuum-sealed bags for pajamas and clothes for tomorrow. We had already washed all of our sheets and towels, which were hanging to dry. It kind of stinks, but it's not a huge deal. It could be much worse, this hardly even counts as a bump in the road.   On the flip side, we will sleep in a bed tonight and tomorrow night instead of on the train. We will get to get up and get ready to go see her Thursday instead of just "freshening up" after a long train ride.

We had dinner at the pub again tonight since it is just a few doors down. Nathan had the pancakes with chicken and mushrooms again, I had mushroom potato cakes and we split some onion rings (soooo good). Everything is starting to catch up with us and we are exhausted. We are watching a movie and going to bed early so we can get up, get ready and get re-packed, re-cleaned before someone comes in the morning. Will keep you updated...


Layla and Cale- I hope you both had good days back at school. Brynn, what did you do today? We miss you all! Brynn and Cale- can't wait for your birthday tomorrow!! Are you really five years old, already?!  Love you love you love you!


  1. Prayers for safe travels tommorrow and for you both to get lots of rest tonite!!!

  2. that SO stinks!! praying all is ok in the am so you can get a move on!!!
    hugs! :)

  3. I know we don't talk much or know each other well, but I have been following your blog for a while now. I wanted to tell you both - I admire what you are doing, regardless of what relatives, friends, the world, etc thinks. You know what is in your heart and what God wants you to do and you are following that. I am proud to tell people your story and what you are enduring to Save this precious little girl's soul. I am very very excited for your whole family and hope and pray for you and yours every day. Keep strong.
    :) Amanda DePriest

  4. From Brynn: I'm not five right now. I'm four. But I'm gonna be SO BIG. My birthday is gonna be here in the morning. I love my momma. Daddy, I want you to come back. I played with my friends, but not my very good friends. I played with Evan and Catalina. Evan was telling on me and Evan called me mean. Catalina hit me. Cheyenne was playing with me. Hermione didn't do anything. She's a good boy. I've got some good Grand Ma's. You're my grandma right? (I promise I didn't prompt that) Ge took me to my house and got my pillow. I got to do numbers. I was so proud.

    From Ba: Brynn got to stay here by herself tonight. It didn't make sense for Dena to pick her up tonight to bring her back in the morning. I'm a little confused about the train. Does that mean you won't be on there for eight hours? I'll try to Skype you in the morning. Love you both!

  5. You've been getting to 'sleep in' a lot! That is great! ;)

    PS You don't have to publish this. LOL