Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 13

There are three nannies that rotate days with her and today we saw #3 (also saw her Saturday). She and the doctor both came in and told us that we make Anna Gray very happy :grin:

She was still sleepy today, but she didn't actually fall asleep.  It's a lot of work to keep those beautiful blue eyes open, though!

We were playing 'The Lion King' ;) Anna Gray's other current favs include: the macarena, the YMCA, and blowing raspberries.

As sleepy as she was, she sure did have fun "racing" with her Papa. Her little feet don't even touch the ground when she's in the walker, but he pushed her as fast as they could go.  If he stopped, she would rock her self back and forth to get him going again.

They did this for a long time.

Today was pretty low-key! Nothing too exciting, just sweet moments with our baby :)

There is a certain amount of thrill that comes with writing these posts.  I write them so that we will remember. I write them so we can tell her her own story later. I also like having the opportunity to share our joy, and to read your sweet words and uplifting prayers. I am grateful for the chance to share OUR adoption story. Although they all look different, someone may be learning something from our's and questions may be answered or even better... someone may be called to start their own adoption story.

It's easy to see the good. It's easy spend two hours out of our day getting to know our incredible daughter and tell you how wonderful it was. That doesn't mean this everything about this phase of our life is wonderful!

Grumps trying to steal your happiness,  hurt feelings when you feel forgotten,  crappy circumstances to ruin your day, negative distractions, misplaced anger, longing for things you can't have....

I'm making an effort to choose JOY.

We are still praying very specifically for a quick court date. At this point, it could come any day but the timing is out of our hands. Feel free to pray with us :)

In other news:
I finally tried borscht for the first time. Not on purpose, but oh well.

After today's visit, we came home to realize we didn't have much to eat for lunch. We headed out to find something, but somehow ended up just walking and walking and walking... To quote Nathan, "we walked 80 blocks. Twice."  It's colder now. MUCH colder. Almost 2 hours, numb faces, and purplish-red hands later we finally walked into a pub we had passed in the first 10 minutes.

This was the first place we've been that didn't have an English menu. We ordered our cola-regulars and then our server attempted to ask us what we wanted. We had NO idea what was on their menu. We kept trying to ask what they had and she kept trying to ask what we want. Finally she said, "chicken-steak? potatoes?" and Nathan said YES! She looked at me... um... all I knew was that I hadn't eaten all day, it was 4pm, I was frozen and I really wanted something hot I could sink my teeth into. So, of course, I said, "soup?". I dunno. I couldn't think of anything else.

So... borsht it was. It wasn't bad! It was basically vegetable soup with no actual veggies, if that makes sense? Some shredded cabbage and a few potato chunks was all. I didn't eat much before filling up and I certainly wasn't going to keep eating just for heck of it (although, I admit to supplementing with a slice of bread... or two).

We had a small dinner later of mushroom vareneky (Ukrainian perogies) at home and a little pastry Nathan picked up at the market. I'm excited to go the market tomorrow... this girl is learning to read cyrillic! No more food guessing for me :)


  1. Ahhhh, love to read a happy story when I am hiding from my children in the bathroom. ;) just kidding...kinda.
    I would love to see pids from those blocks you walked but I'm sure your camera would suffer in the cold.

  2. Ok sweet girl!!!! It's time to stop letting anyone steal your thunder!!! Hold up your head and look away! How dare ANYONE OR ANYTHING affect yours and Nathans journey!!! It truly has touched lives from all over!! Do not let anything stand in the way of what is before you and please know that we all join you in Prayer!!! Every step of the way I promise you you all are being prayed for! From here to there sweetheart you are all being lifted up!!! Those beautiful babies here they are doing great! Their keepers may not they are, sure they miss you guys but Amber God provided homes, family, love, heart, everything that you give them people here are trying their best to fill in for you! They love you and support your every step! As for there, the same thing our prayers are endless that God will take care of you and Nathan like no other!! You are providing a beautiful family for Sweet Anna Gray!!! You both have been chosen for her!!! Stay strong sweet girl you got this!!! Love to you and Nathan! Love you Mylinda

  3. I look forward to your posts daily. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing joy and knowledge to so many readers!

  4. Love it! Praying and thinking about you! See ya tomorrow ;)

  5. Funny, we were like that in Korea, walked so far to find something to eat (it was late). I'm not as adventurous when it comes to food, so I feel your squeamishness there! lol Love the pics of your girlie! Glad she stayed awake this time. She's just precious! :)