Friday, January 6, 2012


For the last few months, we have been conversing daily with the other waiting families- all at different parts of the process. Most of us have never met, but this journey (blech... that word.) has brought us together. We are friends. We are... well, family. One big, dysfunctional, emotional, spastic, aloof family.

And next week, we'll become even closer- both emotionally and physically! We are SO excited for so many of us to be in country together!! FOUR of us have our SDA appointments on the same day, and then another chunk of families a couple of days later. (Plus, one family the week before and one family the week after!).

For a couple of days, we will all be in the same place. And there are even more families that we will cross paths with along the way as we head to our region and back again. We know these people. We know their stories. We know their children. To be there together, to go thru this insanity alongside each other AND witness their reunions is incredible. It is going to be so neat (pardon the reference to 1986, but no other word seemed appropriate) to be among the firsts to see each of these families come together with their children, knowing we are part of the few that truly understand what it took to get there. We have ached and cried for each other, and now we will rejoice together!

Andrey's family has already been to U once and came home with two precious little boys! They just couldn't resist his little face and now are headed back! Their appt is at the same time as our's :)

I just adore little Braeden! Braeden already has a brother with DS at home waiting for him. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

I just love Easton's big smile. At one point, Easton had another family, but they weren't able to complete their adoption. Just days later, his new family found him! Their appt is also at the same time as our's and he will finally be with his Mama and Papa.

Oh, sweet Patrick. That little bashful grin warms my heart. This family has really been through it lately and I can't wait to see them holding their little fella with smiles on their faces!

James and Rafferty. They are SO handsome. It would be really easy for these two to steal my heart! Luckily, they already have parents who are completely in love with them. They will be the first children for this family! Isn't that exciting?!

Don't worry, our Gracie isn't the only little girl being rescued ;) Reese and Francine both have a Mama and Papa coming for them! I have seen recent pics of these two beautiful girls and I can't wait for them to meet their sweet mamas!

The week after us, little Angela will be meeting her parents! They are SO excited to get to this little girl and I have really enjoyed watching their path to her :) I can tell you right now, she's going to be a Daddy's Girl whether she knows it or not!

There are also at least two families heading over, not even knowing which child/children they will be bringing home! I can't imagine going thru all this without Gracie's sweet face to remind me why. I so admire their faith for being willing to literally walk into this blind because they know it is what God called them to do.

I will try to keep you updated on all these precious littles as much as I can while in country. I know you'll want to celebrate with us!  Please be in prayer for each of these families as we travel, meet our children, and go thru the steps to get them home. It isn't easy, folks. And it's not going to get any easier when we get there.

Guys and gals, we'll see you SOON (live and in person!)!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of those sweet faces! I am so excited for ALL of you! I hope your travels, time in country, and everything else involved with bringing Anna home goes as smoothly as possible! xoxo!