Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The important stuff.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

It seems like there's probably a lot I should be doing, but I have no idea what.

I've done the really important stuff like, you know, get a haircut and buy snacks- LOTS of snacks. I have picked out my "court" outfit and broken in my sweatpants for travel. I have tried on my new crocheted hat over and over again, hoping at some point I'm going to figure out how to wear it without looking absurd. I have everything we need for the twins' bday party this weekend (which isn't much). I have informed the schools that my children will be dropped off and picked up by several different people.

I am just about to start on our third photobook. Ugh. I messed up the first one. Then my cheap backup plan didn't pan out either. Third times a charm!

Nathan became obsessive compulsive in Walmart over the weekend and came home with every travel sized thing he could find. It was pretty sweet actually, but he has zero interest in packing anything right now. (He also bought me a multi-vitamin completely on his own, hoping it would help me feel less tired and listless every day- too sweet!)

I want to pack- I really want to pack- but 99% of what I need to pack, I still wear/use regularly. The Type A in me needs to know which bag would be best to use- like now- what should go in the suitcase vs the carry-on? Exactly WHICH two pair of jeans am I taking? Am I going to have room for more snacks or not? Is everything on this list really going to fit in whichever bag I'm actually taking?

I still need to pack the kids too to stay away from home. And get ahead on what they need for school. And write out more instructions/schedules/etc.  Type A, remember?

Oh well... I'll get there.

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