Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 18

It's a "Breathe in Jesus, Breathe out Satan" kind of day.
Not adoption-related happenings, just... you know, life.

But I tell you what...  the second this little girl comes in the room, everything else just melts away for a little while.

AG was very chatty today!  Nathan is pretty sure she's gonna be fiesty one. I don't know if we can fit much more personality in our house, but we sure will try!

Today, she laughed harder than I've ever heard her laugh. At everything.

Nathan was taking the only pics my camera allowed today (REALLY starting to irritate me. I have got to figure out what's wrong...) and I said, "I wish (they) could hear her laugh".
I don't know why it didn't occur to us sooner that you CAN.

We are planning to try to record her first thing tomorrow before she gets tired ;)

We (think) we are close to having a court date, we are just waiting on confirmation.

In addition to praying about the court date, can we ask that you pray for relief for me? I don't know why I'm still having migraines I'm eating regularly, getting enough sleep, I don't feel overly stressed? I have a long way to go though and it will be much more tolerable if I'm not painfully ill.

It should be noted, that when you are sick with a migraine, Ukrainian driving is about the worst thing that could happen to you. It took every bit of energy I had to not vomit in the back of Edward's lovely car.

Edward, by the way, is a bit of a rebel. He looks SO much like someone we know at home (Jonathan Bowers), except much taller/bigger. He keeps some scruff= rebel. He wears tennis shoes= rebel. He wears sweatpants in public= rebel. And he wears sunglasses= rebel. He only plays American music in the car, mostly rad 90s music: Ace of Base, Madonna, Ricky Martin. I haven't decided if that's his preference or if he does that for our benefit, but he did crank up the Britney at one point today (Layla and Brynn, that made me miss you SO much! I can't wait to get home and play Just Dance with you!).

Also, seeing how massive she looks in this picture:

reminded me to tell you that we took some of the clothes we brought to try on her today, to see what size she would wear. We got her into the 9 month outfit, and it's fine to get her home, but she clearly needs at least a 12 month.  That means we have two outfits here that fit and will have to get a couple more, (blerg) but it also means we have several outfits to leave behind for the orphanage- bonus :)

Nathan did homemade chicken nuggets tonight, with horseradish mustard (yum), and a mix of rice/spinach- one of the best meals we've had so far! Almost as good as the cabbage rolls I made Saturday night :)

When he leaves, I fully intend to survive on Ukraine's finest: bread, butter, and chocolate.


  1. Niko played beach boys music when we were in the car with him and could tell you a lot about American music, I think they really like it lol

    AG is an absolute cutie!!!

    Love and prayers for you! I am sorry that you are having migraines, those are no fun at all! Praying that you get relief and don't come back!

  2. Bread and chocolate - my fav! Hang in there lady, you're doing awesome! Love AG's pictures! She's still like a ray of sunshine, just brightens a day! :)

  3. I love looking at these sweet pics! All the clothes I dropped off for you were at least 12 month and even a few 18 month! My mom now ask for updates about you guys and I show her the pictures of the BEAUTIFUL Anna Gray! You guys are amazing! Hope your migraines get better, I know how awful they are!
    Michelle Thompson