Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holy smokes.

48 hours from now, we will be half way to Paris.

Organized chaos- my house, my emotions, my day. Organized chaos.
I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm scared, I'm excited. I keep discovering big wet tears sliding down my cheeks and I can't even figure out why (I mean... I know why, but I can't seem pinpoint what started it each time.) Tonight it was Wal-mart. I was getting all the last minute things on our list: zip ties, extension cords, adapters, snacks, medicines, travel detergent, more chapstick, extra strength concealer, travel mugs, spare house keys, duct tape. I was checking out and it just hit me all of a sudden that I was getting all this so we can leave. Soon.

Again while I was fixing little bags of surprises for the kids. They are prepped with itty bitty bags of happiness for the next two weeks. Then I made meals to freeze for Mom's so she can easily feed them a few nights. Then everyone got home from dance and while tucking them in, we talked about our plans to spend one last day together tomorrow.

Tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow is insane already. There is more to do than can actually be done, but it couldn't be done sooner than tomorrow. Finish packing (one last load of laundry first), squish all our clothes, blankets, towels, etc into space bags, finish packing the kids for two different places (tricky), finish our paperwork, get paperwork notarized, cash out the last of the bottles and pick up our new bills from the bank, put the house back in one piece, take Oakley to his foster home (Aunt Paige's), go see Poppa, get long john's from Bass Pro, get a new military ID, oh... and spend QT with our littles. That's #1 on the list, but all the other stuff isn't optional so we better start creating time. I guess we can stay up as late as we need to since we have 19 hours on a plane to sleep. And thanks to my Wal-mart trip, I have a super comfy eye mask to help with that.

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  1. Lots and lots of prayers are coming your way in the coming days and weeks! God is good!