Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 11

We had a sweet sleepy baby today!

She was very happy when she came in (as usual). Even laughing (out loud!) at our attempts to entertain her.

Please excuse the headband/sumo wrestler's ponytail. Bad hairdays here are WAY worse than bad hair days at home.

The "lady in the closet" (I have no idea what her title/job is, but she works inside a tiny room inside the big play room we are in), came out and motioned for us to follow her across the room. She unlocked the piano and started to play! She was playing wonderfully and singing a little song while I held the baby, and Anna Gray started dancing! She was swaying her body and kicking her feet- it was SO cute!

The lady told me to sit with her and we played 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and the beginning of 'Fur Elise' because they were the only things my fingers could remember at that moment.

Nathan wanted a turn and she banged around with him a little, but she kept grabbing his fingers and putting her hands on top of his- precious.

We were really excited to see how much she enjoyed the music :)

It didn't last long though- little girl was TIRED.

We usually get about an hour out of her before she starts to crash. Today, she was so somber and could barely hold her eyes open for a majority of our visit.

She was as sweet as could be and only fussed once at the end when Nathan was trying to keep her upright (to keep her awake) and then she really got upset when her nanny came and took her away (is it bad that we were glad she cried being taken away from us? Lol).

She does make this face from time to time which is hilarious...

We came back for lunch at the apartment and watched a couple episodes of the Tudors (almost done with season 1!). I really wanted to go sit outside and people watch, but it's just not really an option. First of all, it's 9 degrees outside. Literally. And there are no people just ... sitting. Anywhere. As if we didn't stand out enough already. Plus, my camera doesn't need to be out in that :/

It's funny, we had to get a few things from the market tonight. So we got dressed and headed out, walking to the store a few blocks away. It's NINE degrees out there with snow falling like little frozen shards of glass and yet, here we were walking to the store like it was nothing. People out everywhere, kids walking home from school. At home, this would NEVER happen! It's just not a big deal here, it's life.

We planned to make spaghetti tonight, but it turns out the "sauce" we bought, was ketchup. Spicy ketchup :)

So we ended up with buttered noodles and sauteed mushrooms with shredded cheese- pretty darn good!

I know I talk about food a lot, but I'd be interested if I weren't here and I want to remember all these details!! Plus, besides our kids- I knew I'd miss food more than anything! I'm doing pretty good trying new things (that's been a learned behavior for me), but there have been times I would have killed for some China Wok or LP's tacos at home. And pepper. I miss pepper.

Movie and chocolate time :)


  1. she is so darn cute!! love the face :)

  2. Aw Am! That definitely says ketchup on the package :(

  3. I love all your updates! I spent 2 months in Eastern Europe when I was (much) younger and I still miss the simplicity of the place. Lessons to be learned for sure! Enjoy it!

  4. THat precious face is so adorable! That look made me smile and chuckle! Sounds like you two are doing great! Prayers!

  5. I love that face!!! Too precious!!! Food was the hardest part for me too because I love food (lol) and I don't like to really try new things, but I really did fall in love with a lot of the food there. It turns out that trying new things is not all that bad at all :) Enjoy reading your updates! Love and Prayers!

  6. You don't know me, but I happened across your blog through another friend and I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you all. I love the updates and especially love seeing Anna Gray's sweet face! I have a little girl who is almost the exact same age so it's fun to see similar mannerisms. Love what God is doing through you and it's definitely making an impact back here in Nashville!

    in Christ,
    Courtney Eller