Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 16

Look at my little ball of sunshine!!

I LOVED her in yellow today- I think it will be her signature color. She was so warm and bright :)

Learning about her family....

She rolled over today!! Front to back. We tried to work on back to front, but she did not like that one bit.

When she started getting tired, Daddy raced her in the walker again... until Daddy got tired. And yes, she does stare at her hands (DS mommas!). I don't think I've posted a photo of it yet.  She thinks her hands are the coolest thing EVER.  I think it's really sweet :)

Her tongue was nearly raw today from chewing/sucking. In the very first picture we got of her from RR, there was a paci in the bed with her. I wasn't sure if she still used it or not, so I brought a few different kinds. Today, when she was sucking her tongue and fighting sleep, I stuck it in. She sucked it just fine and fell asleep. We will ask our pedi about it, since I knows there's some debate about whether strengthening her sucking reflex/keeping her tongue intact is worth the risk of paci addiction. We'll see... (she's looked awfully sweet with it though).

We may have had a little too much fun trying to keep her awake...

I believe we shall have breakfast at Tiffany's in the near future....

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. -Coco Chanel

It was a good day!

Follow up: Pasta sauce...hmmm... maybe? More like tomato paste, but perhaps that is their pasta sauce? Regardless, we didn't find anything else at the market that was even close.
Tonight, I'm attempting a Ukrainian recipe!

Did you have fun at the circus?! Did you take your surprises with you?? I can't wait to hear all about it! What was your favorite part?! I bet you had lots of sugary treats :) We miss you like crraazzyyy.  Cale, how was your pet parade? Did you bring your puppy home?  Is your tooth still wiggly? Layla, who did you play with at school yesterday? Do you miss riding the bus? Brynn, any more loose teeth? Annie tried to kiss your picture today :) Love you love you love you!!


  1. I absolutely love her dressed in your accessories!! Too sweet!

  2. Oh!! I love those pictures! Girl knows fashion! lol Very very sweet in the yellow! :)

  3. Little sassy miss with her accessories!


  4. SOOO cute!! She looks like natural in those glasses :-)

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog about your beautiful baby girl that you are adopting. I am so excited for your whole family!

  6. Amber, next time you go shopping, you'll notice there are (usually) little packets near the tomato sauce/paste. My Russian daughter showed me this when we lived there last year. I was sOOO tired of tomato paste on i mentioned it and my daughter said " MOMMMMM....youre so silly. You just keep forgetting to buy the spice packets..theyre RIGHT THERRREEEE..." And sure enough, she was right. They dont put a photo of pasta OR sauce on the fromt of them, but rather illustrations of spices and scallions, etc. They go into the paste, and then you mix it. I wasnt a big fan, bc of course they put dill in EVERYTHING, but it was a nice change from bland!

  7. I LOVE her in plum!!!!! =) It looks great with her porcelain skin and baby blues!