Tuesday, September 13, 2011


If you've been reading, you know we've had some difficulty with Dr.Rude- MOST of that was due to her crabby attitude. Four trips to see her and her crabby attitude were more than enough. Except... they weren't- because although we were finally getting our medical statements back, we discovered the notary had stamped upside down. We were more flustered that we would have to deal with her again than the fact that the paper had to be re-done. Honestly, how sad is that? So I bravely (and I say "bravely" because I do NOT handle these types of things well... confrontation: ewwww) went back to her office (trip #5) and explained the problem and requested a re-do. She said no, that it was "stupid". I swallowed deeply and explained that I don't make the rules, but I do have to follow them. Dr.Rude huffed and puffed and agreed to do it... "in a few weeks" because she will be gone for one week for conference. Not gonna cut it.

I attempted to POLITELY let her know we were on a time crunch, but she insisted she would not be able to find the notary and would have to spend more of "her own time" to sign again. I offered to bring my own notary (we know a few) to her office to watch her sign. She wasn't having it. She would get it done when SHE got it done.

Okay. I'd had it. I just do not understand WHY someone would, not only insist on making things harder than they have to be for anyone, but do it with such disgust. In my head, I really and truly did start praying for God to soften her heart and give her a spirit of hospitality. I just couldn't get it out fast enough before Dr.Rude started in how "stupid" it was again. So, instead I told her to give me back my form, that I would rather pay for another darn physical than be treated this way. I was not gonna let her and her crabby attitude keep my daughter in an orphanage any longer I had to. I wasn't ugly, but I was stern. She said to give her one day to see what she could do. Before we got home, Dr.Rude called to say it WAS ALREADY DONE. Really?! Really.

I wasn't thrilled to go back today (trip #6) to pick it up, and she was no more thrilled to see me as I was her. She handed me the medical statement without saying a word or even looking up at me. Shew! Good, it's over... except... it's not.

I was afraid that the fact this time, the notary stamped on the far right side of the page for no apparent reason would cause a problem. After sending it to our stateside helper, it turns out it wasn't. Know what was? Dr.Rude has written her medical findings for me using specific codes, as doctors do. However, the code she wrote implies that I am a "bus driver involved in an accident with pedestrian or animal". Whaaaaa??  Not kidding, not even a little.

It has to be fixed.

Nathan called Dr.Rude to explain the problem and she quite told him that he was wrong. He hung up, we looked online... nope, not wrong. He called back- strait to voicemail. Her office decided to close 30 mins early and she will be gone for a week.

Who would have EVER thought that our PHYSICALS would be the most difficult part of this adoption?!

On a positive note (woohoo for something positive!), we are SO SO close to being finished! About 75% of our "paperwork" has been approved and is ready to go. Pray pray pray we complete the rest quickly!


  1. OH. MY. WORD. That woman is RIDICULOUS. As a person who enjoys confrontation, I would be happy to go have a talk with her!

  2. I'm so sorry!! I would be reporting Dr. Rude Butt to the state licensing board and filing a complain with whoever else I could!! You do not deserve to be treated that way.

  3. Wow. Why some people in this world have to try to spread their own misery is beyond me. So sorry y'all are having to deal with this person.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! My first thought would be to report her, but having dealt with the state licensing board in an attempt to report a Dr who's negligence nearly killed my son, I think it would cause you even more stress than you are already dealing with. Like you said, it would probably be easier to find another Dr and pay for another physical. It's hurting me to know that this woman is causing your baby girl to spend even an extra hour in that orphanage due to her selfishness. (((HUGS)))