Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday boost.

This is how we spent our Sunday afternoon :)

Counting change from the bottles returned today!

I have NO IDEA who turned in bottles today, but one of them had a $100 inside it!
Seriously, folks... we just cannot thank you enough. I mean... gosh. Thank you.

You can tell so much about our personalities based on the way we each we each stacked coins. *funny*  What I should have taken a picture of is the cereal box we put all the change into to transport it to the coin machine! ha. Redneck wallet :)

Today's total was nearly $350!


As if you weren't already doing enough, we could really use any extra prayers you can spare. We need to finish our dossier quickly and effectively without losing our minds. Between that, me back in school full-time, and trying to make decisions about Nathan's job... it's a fine line right now. This past week really did a number on us. The good news is, it's ALL short-term stress and it will ALL be worth it in the end. We just need to focus on preserving happy hearts and quality family time while we pray through it. You're awesome!

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