Friday, November 11, 2011

Chick-Fil-A for Anna Gray!

We had an AMAZING turn-out last night!

We counted 67 people who intentionally came into the resturant to support the adoption, numerous others that hit the drive thru (even though the line wrapped around the building and carried out into the road!) and have been hearing from more and more people today who came and we somehow missed them in the craziness.

From about 6-7p the joint was HOPPIN'! The manager of the Chick-Fil-A said this was one of the biggest fundraisers they've had.

We have the  most incredible friends, family, and church family.

We haven't gotten confirmation on our grand total just yet, but we have an idea and we are SO stinking grateful ;)

THANK YOU ALL who came out and ate chicken for Annie, who sent your prayers and encouragement, and/or spread the word and invited others.

Some positive steps have been made in her country to resume the adoptions and get things moving, but every day we find out more and more of what is left to face. And it's a lot.  Today, I have spent a significant amount of time making lists and notes and reminders. I have sobbed while reading other people's coming home stories. Gosh, I can't wait to write that story.

We have joy in our hearts over what's to (eventually) come, but also fear in the unknown and a heaviness thick as mud. I wish I could rant share more details, but obviously don't want to do anything that could slow us down anymore. Of course, we're hopeful and encouraged in our spirits that this is God's plan. It is NOT going to be easy (never thought it would be, but we had NOOOOO idea) and it is not going to be quick. But His will WILL be done.

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