Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Still no date. The only update is that they are pushing thru a lot of appointments (not just for RR, or even just for the U.S. for that matter), which have been signed, but not registered. Apparently, it takes several minutes to register each one so it's just taking a little time and dates will be issued tomorrow. (I'm beginning to hate that word. At this point, so many of us have spent our share of sleepless nights waiting for news to come tomorrow. And since their country is 7 hours ahead of us, we all start stalking our group page around 3am waiting to hear.)

Part of our team in country did say that those submitted in November (we were submitted Nov 3rd) would most likely get a January date at this point. Pretty bummed, but not giving up home just yet- there's still a chance, she was just making a guess.

Edit: We just got word that they extended the appointments! The last appt was supposed to be Dec 21 and now they are making appts thru Dec 29! Hoping that means they added some!! Pray pray pray we get our date!!!!!!


  1. It's 2:51 AM and I'm up and starting to stalk. You are totally not exaggerating about 3am facebook stalking. I hope we hear some good news today!