Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Changed my mind.

I don't want to reside in a bitter bubble today.

It shouldn't be anti-climatic for the ones who got dates today or for anyone to feel like they can't rejoice(!) due to someone else's disappointment! Five more littles are about to meet their families!! And honestly, that's great for ALL of us! That means things are moving and we will all get our turn soon :) As long as things are moving, there will always be someone else waiting and as long as someone else is waiting, that means another child will be getting a family! It's when there AREN'T families waiting and ready to go that we need to be upset.

We need to be genuinely excited for each and every one :) It doesn't necessarily lessen the disappointment for those that had their hopes up- self included- but I can be happy for you and sad for me/us at the same time. CONGRATS to those about to meet their babies!! :)

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