Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This needs to be said.

I... well, we (a group of moms waiting to travel to get our children from the same country)... fasted on Sunday. Some fasted from food, some from internet or other distracting things. In whatever way we could, we fasted and focused our time and efforts on praying. We prayed for ALL of our children. We prayed for progress. We prayed for decisions.

Not much more than 24 hours after the fast ended, we all got word. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there is most definitely progress. The kind of progress that leads you to making 8 different kinds of lists and praying some more.

The praying some more leads to people coming out of the woodwork to help. Again, people who don't know us, but somehow they know that we are doing God's work and they want to be a part of it.

Satan is absolutely attacking us. Of course he is,
He's just now realizing that God just might pull this thing off! And not only that, but our faith stayed in tact! That is agitating the fire out of that devil!
But God is sneaky too... He likes to surprise you, He likes to do amazing things and watch you give Him the Glory.
And He's gonna.

Needless to say, with all this progress, things are more than a little insane around here. It's probably no accident that Nathan is off for the next two days so we can start checking things off those 8 lists. We are gathering our items to pack and figuring out what's left to buy, we are making childcare arrangements and petcare arrangements, we are applying for every grant and loan left uncovered, we are making photobooks to show our girl (and the judge) her new family, we are trying to begin Christmas shopping and finish in a day or two, trying to spend QT with the kids before we leave... throw all that into the normal holiday craziness and well, there's a lot of coffee and a lot more praying involved.

Slightly unrelated to the chaotic exciting frazzled last day and a half, I just want to say two things very clearly (even though I don't need to). For those that are "worried":

1. While we can care for her when she gets home, no, we did not have the $25K needed to cover these adoption fees... because we didn't set out to adopt this child. God chose her for us. And if not us, then who? Who will go to this baby girl and free her from life in an orphanage? Who will teach our kids about obedience and faith in our God? Which one of you is willing to stand up, swallow your own pride, and love like Jesus? And I'm not saying everyone is meant to adopt orphans, I'm saying- fight for what God called YOU to do.

2. It is not ideal for one or both of us to be gone over Christmas. Will we be sad to be away from our children at such a magical time? Absolutely. Will they miss us terribly and us them? Yep. But our CHILDREN- our 4 and 7 year old children... they get it. We have asked them repeatedly (bc this is their family too) how they feel about it and the response is always the same, "Just bring Annie home." They are not asking for much for Christmas. They obviously see all the things on TV and in catalogues that they would enjoy having, but if you ask them what they really want- there's very little that they are that excited about. They get it. They get that the world is bigger than whatever little thing Toys R Us tells them to want.  They get that a few weeks without us is nothing compared to a lifetime in the orphanage for her. I'm so, so proud of them.

** Things are changing every minute! EXCITING things! We will keep you updated in ways that we can :) Please be in prayer as we run around in circles watching God move!**

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