Monday, November 28, 2011

Another "No Update" Update

I've written 2-3 posts already with small updates, but before I could get them published- things change. Such is the life of a waiting adoptive parent.

As you know, we didn't get our date Thursday, but there was another batch of appointment dates coming Monday. Our stateside helper (LOVE her) emailed us Friday to let us know we were not on the list of potential families to get an appointment Monday, so that we wouldn't spend our weekend waiting anxiously. Well, as it turns out... no one got appointments today. They are hopefully coming tomorrow, but they have now told us that these will be the last appointments for December.

We don't know yet if they have added anymore families to that list (which would mean us, and potentially three other families that had missed the cut-offs for Batch #2). I realize this is all extremely confusing from the outside. You cannot begin to imagine all the emotions on the inside.

I'm a wreck. I can't focus on ANYTHING today and I'm just feeling downright discouraged.  The good news is, tomorrow (hopefully), we will know. It may not be the answer we are hoping for, but we won't be in limbo anymore. The bad news is, if we don't get an appointment tomorrow, and are one of the January appointments- anything else could change. Including, but not limited to, paperwork which is already done and approved and would have to be re-done. Lord help me, I'm gonna cry. Or puke. Or both.

So... you know, you guys are apparently extremely good prayer warriors bc every time we've asked you to take something big to Him, He has sent very clear answers. We are asking again. We want to travel in December, desperately. We are fully aware that if we don't, it is for good reason that will be revealed at the right time. BUT... we really, really want to.

I'm going to attempt to fold this massive pile of laundry and then in just over an hour, we will have a winner for the Opryland package! Woot woot. We have a big meeting scheduled for this afternoon that I'm excited about, so hopefully I will have more positive things to share later :)

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