Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Our appointment with the SDA is January 16th at 11am!!!!

We are booking our flights today (more on that later), but in less than three weeks we will be in country to get our baby girl!!!!

Even more amazing- there are TEN families all going about the same time, so we will all be together to celebrate! PARTY AT THE TGIFRIDAYS!!

Aaahhh.... I can NOT think right now, I am pacing back and forth trying to figure out where to start :) I can barely type, my hands are shaking so badly.

All I know is we are THAT much closer to Anna Gray... and that the kids and I are having cupcakes for breakfast!!

I'll update later today when things get a little more organized!


  1. wooooohooooooooo!

    I predict major to-do lists in your future...

  2. wooo hooo!! How awesome that you will be there at the same time as so many other families!