Thursday, December 29, 2011

check check check

To-do lists galore!

Shew. I wonder what we will forget? ha.

So far, our flights are booked, our FSP money has been moved into our account, our new bills are ordered from the bank, childcare has been arranged, the twins' bday party has been planned...

surely there was more?  Oh, I did start collecting condiment packets to take since they won't be available over there!
I think the rest of my busy-work was creating more lists, cleaning house, putting away Christmas decor, etc.

Today, I will pack for AG, order pics for our (2nd) photobook, order contacts for Nathan, print our dossier and start on all the other necessary paperwork, maybe start packing my things. In addition to cleaning house (Groundhog Day...), making dinner for a friend, and making cupcakes for another friend. I just realized last night that my military ID expired and my drivers license will expire while I'm in country (because I'm turning 30!), and Nathan's expired last week when he turned 30, so we need to renew those too.

It is recommended that we get flu shots (Nathan already got his on base), but I've never had one. It is also recommended that we get a doctor to prescribe generic antibiotics to take with us, just incases. We don't have a doctor (ha), so...  have to think on that one.

We need to get space bags to maximize packing, buys cigs and whiskey for the team (lawsy...). I still need cuddle duds and pants for court that I can wear with my boots, we needs lots of baggies and chip clips, dvds to watch (anyone have full seasons of some great shows we could borrow?!).  We need to complete Layla's school application and get haircuts. We need to pack the big kids since they won't be at home, maybe include a few surprises :) Pay bills.

Hmmm... what else. Someone needs to do my thinking for me! I can do or I can think- I'm having a little trouble doing both at the same time! :)


  1. What school is Layla going to?? What did y'all decide to do? I'm still up in the air with Wes ...

  2. have keys to your house made, remember to leave the pick up thing for Layla's school, get your global phone...we have baggies, chip clips, and DVD's if you want them(The Tudor's might be a good series to take.)