Sunday, December 25, 2011

One of the other waiting moms wrote this tonight.
It's beautiful. And perfect.

Twas the night before Monday and all through the land. . .
Not a creature was stirring - all too full to stand!
The stockings were scattered, with nary a care,
A sign that St. Nicholas once had been there.

The children were waiting in a land far away.
Not knowing that soon in a family they'd play.
A girl wore a kerchief, a boy wore a cap,
But no one got kisses before every nap.

Sitting at home, each family did pray,
That word of appointments would come the next day.
Some had their bags packed, all ready to go.
While others were fearful they still wouldn't know.

One mom packaged leftovers from a fat Christmas feast,
Another prayed for those that the Lord called, "the least."
One dad hugged his children, longing for more,
Another gazed at a photo he'd come to adore.

Of the thousands of children who just needed love,
Families stepped out in faith (with some help from above!).
Within someone's heart, each ignited a flame,
And each of these children was given a name.

There's Vanya, and "Gracie," and "Owen" (called Dan),
"Broderick," "Patrick," and little "Kylen."
And so many others, like "Reese" and "Francine,"
Their futures so full of hope, unforeseen.

And laying their heads, hoping sleep just might come,
Each family dreamed of a laughter-filled home.
And we'll hear each exclaim, if tomorrow's the day. . .
"Please, God, let our babies know love's on its way!"

Thank you, Jennifer!
And to our "Gracie"... praying we see you SOON, Baby girl.
Until tomorrow...

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