Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Donations/Gifts/Financial support

We have had a couple people ask today about donations...
It's uncomfortable, but I'll just answer honestly and as frankly as I can.

1) No, we are not fully funded. In all honesty, we are still about $10K short.
We have had our socks knocked off by the support (of all kinds!) that we have received and we are so incredibly grateful. Seriously, there are no words. If we are not funded before we leave, we do have a backup plan that will get us there and back with our daughter. It obviously isn't ideal, but we will do whatever it takes. God said He would provide, and He will.

2) Yes, our FSP and grant money (as in... the money attached to that button near the bottom right with her sweet face on it) was forwarded to our bank account TODAY to prepare for travel (woot!). IF you would still like to give financially in the coming days, please use the ChipIn button at the top right of the blog, which is attached directly to the bank account for Anna Gray's adoption.

And still... more info to share tonight I hope :)