Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good things.

The kids' sibling shirts came (in record time, I might add). I love getting packages, but I really love getting packages that mean she's close to coming home. I only got one really dark, cruddy phone pic, but trust me- the kiddos look adorable in their "Big Sis/Big Bro" shirts and they are SOOOO excited to wear them to our airport party.

In another fun package- the photo book we had made for the judge/Anna Gray.

We put it together pretty quickly (thinking we would be leaving sooner), but I think it turned out pretty well :) It's very sweet and a nice little representation of our family. Now to just keep it clean and sparkly for the next several weeks....

The first group of families arrived in country this weekend. It's been SO neat to hear from them, hear what the country is like, what the facilitation team is like, what to expect,what they wish they'd brought with them. They are answering questions for us and letting us know what needs to pray for specifically; it's pretty cool! It makes me even more excited to be over there and do the same for the rest of the waiting families. I can't wait until that daydream becomes reality!!  The last group of December families got their dates today, which is still good for us. It means we will almost definitely be the next group (NO reason we shouldn't, but the way the last few weeks have gone, I'm not counting on anything until it's DONE). I hate to wish time away, but I really hope the next few weeks fly by.

Here are a couple new pics of some of our favorite people rocking Annie tees:

Jody and Laura

The Wright Family

Also, another waiting family has new shirts ready too! If you'd like to help bring yet another sweet child home to their family, check them out here. I just ordered mine :) I love them!


  1. Aw, hope you are able to get your little one home soon!

  2. Aww! Thank you for sharing the link to Jaclyn's blog and ordering!! :)

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  4. Oh goodness...I am beyond happy for you guys and you are an amazing mother who gives your children exactly what they need. Sad that some people have to make anonymous comments on a blog that are negative..to GOD be the glory!! So proud of you guys and thrilled she will be home SOON!!!