Friday, December 16, 2011

Just keep swimming.

Yesterday was torturous.
We get almost daily updates related to our adoption, her country, and how this whole thing is gonna work, but yesterday things were happening so fast we couldn't keep up. It got confusing trying to separate rumors/speculation/emotions from fact (of which, there is very little at this point). We both wanted to be sitting at the computer all day so that we could stay on top of it and beg for answers, but alas- life goes on and you have to go with it, no matter how crazy it makes you. Crazy, as in distracted and emotional and spastically oversharing with random strangers because you just.can't.think.

We have gotten more information on the situation that caused the most recent panic, and while that much does ease our minds a little in that particular area, we are -all- just so much more aware of the fragility of our adoptions at this point. As scary as it all is (and it absolutely sucks being reminded that anything can still happen), we have to just keep pushing forward with what we know.

We KNOW that God told us to go get this child.
We KNOW that God has provided ways for us to do that, ways that we couldn't have imagined.
We KNOW that we love her and will do whatever it takes.

Gosh, we love her.

We still expect to hear in the next week or so when we will be traveling. At this point, we just need to get there December is not possible, and they close for Orthodox Christmas Dec 31 until basically January 10th- as far as appointments go anyway. After that, we need to get there ASAP and get our girl home. There is absolute nothing we can do until then. Nothing except celebrate 30 years of Nathan (today!), and help the kids prepare to sing/sign in front of our church on Sunday, and have pajama parties at school, and have a birthday party for Jesus, and wrap and unwrap presents, and plan a 5th (what?!) birthday party... and that's what we will do.

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  1. I love you!!! You can do this!! God will carry you while you are weak, He will hold you in His arms to shield the mean word, scary thoughts, and the devils actions...keep going in gods faith - look how far He has already gotten you. You will get her home!!!!