Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still no date...


But we did get some sleep last night! Not necessarily because our brains were quiet, but because we were exhausted.  We've been running on about three hours a night and every 7-10 days or so, our bodies give in and pass out. It feels pretty awesome really.

I got up when Nathan left at 4:30, hoping for the phone call- no such luck. The teams says still maybe this week though, so we aren't giving up hope!

I'm starting to get a little excited again... I think.
I thought I was really going to struggle with her not being here for Christmas- it just feels like the world should stop until our girl is safe and sound at home. But... opening gifts without her sort of makes me anticipate what's to come instead. We had our first big Christmas last night with all my parents and siblings-
Anna Gray got a Madame Alexander doll that represents her country!

My niece, Catalina, checking out AG's doll...

Cale's teacher, Miss Sarah, also got Anna Gray a Christmas gift from their class, which I thought was VERY thoughtful. And I'll be packing it up to take with us when we go :)

We really appreciate those who have called/emailed/texted that they are praying.
We'll keep you updated!

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