Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's so weird to me, this new experience. Never before have we been able to look at a picture of our child, see her, say her name... and not hold her.

Every now and then, like in a church service last night, I get this overwhelming feeling like I'm supposed to be holding her. I can almost feel her in my arms, it's the strangest thing. There are times when we walk out the door and it feels like we are forgetting someone, and not just anyone... her. How can I miss her this much, having never even held her before?

Other adoptive mommas- did you go thru that? It's not just the ache of wanting A child, it's knowing your child is out there and you can't touch her (yet). There is SO much red tape to get thru before she gets home, and I'm sure in hindsight the time will go by quickly, but my arms are so ready. Nothing else is! But my arms most definitely are.

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