Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Home visit... CHECK!

We finally got our home visit in yesterday! With our last adoption, I stressed and stressed about getting the house "perfect", and then the visit was so anti-climatic. She checked everything she was supposed to check and we moved on. This time, I wasn't that worked up about it (maybe because there is SO much going on right now?!). The house was already clean- I touched up, made sure everything was in it's place- but I was more concerned with getting dinner made, getting appointments made, getting my girls home from the beach (10 minutes before adoption worker arrived! ha). I knew it wasn't THAT big of deal, so I just kind of offered our house as is- the real deal. (Which, I realize, is typically very clean considering we have three kids at home.)

But golly, when someone is all of a sudden here looking in every room of your house, asking questions about things we had forgotten- it's kind of intimidating! It's tough being judged! All of a sudden, I am so aware of how small our house is and how... um... "lived in", how C's paint doesn't match his bedspread (why re-paint when we are planning to move?), how cluttered our play room can look, how we have absolutely got to decide when to put our house back on the market or Anna Gray will have nowhere to sleep.

Alas, she didn't say our house wasn't ready for us to bring another home or take any of our other kids away, so I guess that means we pass. AND that much is out of the way!

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