Monday, July 25, 2011

Where we are now:

For the homestudy, we've had our initial meeting and I have done my personal interview. I'm a talker, you know, so it's fun for me! I actually enjoyed writing my autobiography. It's not often that you sit down and really think about your entire life- the people and the moments that impacted you most. Nathan didn't write his until last night (he's not had a second of time in  the last few weeks!). I think he was a little overwhelmed, but I encouraged him to just be himself and be honest. He wanted me to proof-read it... I think I cried four separate times. To be honest, writing is not his strong suite from a technical standpoint and there were errors all over the place, but except for the ocassional spelling mistake, I didn't change a thing. It was just so... him. They were the most raw, sincere words I think I've ever seen come out of him. It was just beautiful to read! 

Anyway,  Nathan's interview and our homevisit were actually scheduled for TODAY, buuuttt we had to reschedule :(  Since I've been in my big comfy chair for a week and the hubster has been pretty focused on taking care of me, and the kids, and working, and everything else that I usually do- the house had not been touched by my OCD hands in quite some time. I felt guilty knowing he was stressed about getting home from work in time to finish cleaning, while I was laid up in my big comfy chair. I choked down some pain meds this morning, prayed for God's healing hands and got to work.

Bad audible.

I was getting sick between tasks, suffering thru a cold sweat, dizzy, shaky, blaaahh. Maybe I wasn't quite ready to take on such work yet afterall. That bad decision landed me right back in my big comfy chair for the rest of the day. I can barely talk anyway, and it hurts when I do, so it really is for the best.

We will probably get that in next week, along with our background checks and fingerprinting! Exciting! Nearly done with this step!

We've just started applying for every grant possible... can't hurt right? We would love for you to be praying that we are considered to receive the help. However, no matter who actually gets the money, it will help bring a child home so we are grateful that they exist whether we receive one or not.

We have some really cool fundraisers coming up! Our sweet friend, Mandy, has something up her sleeve at church and we will probably end up getting the rest of our family and friends involved too. It's just so EASY. Easy is good :) Mandy is also the one designing our tee shirts!! Pretty soon we will start cranking those out and make them available for purchase :)
Alsoooo...... most of you ladies have probably heard of Matilda Jane. They have THE CUTEST clothes for little girls, a few boy pieces and even some nice things for women as well! I'm having a trunk show at my house with my dear friend, Brea, and she is donating her profit from my show to our adoption! Isn't that awesome?! It's only awesome if you all come out and buy your girls some amazing clothes! lol. They will be available to order online (wink, wink) if you can't make it, but would like to order for my show.... details to come :) And there are a couple of other things rolling around in our heads that may pan out later.

I put a million smilies in that paragraph, but I'm just thrilled with the support we are getting from everyone! Things have been insanely busy the last month, but we are home now and ready to buckle down and get our girl HOME. Time to get to work!

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  1. I've heard of MAtilda Jane. Be sure to share the online info!
    Oh and the t-shirts. Oh and I grabbed your button for my blog finally. :)