Monday, July 25, 2011


Zoooeeyy Mama. BTW- Diary of a Wimpy Kid= Life saver.

I have so many things I want to post! Between the mission trip to Jamaica, the weekend trip to NYC with my handsome hubby, a week at Camp Allen in Missouri, and last week's surgery (tonsillectomy: still recovering... it's been rough), I seriously have not had a second to spare.

I'm still cofined to my big comfy chair with  pillows, ice chips, and meds galore (oh my), but am no longer sleeping 23 hours a day. Nathan has my big comfy chair multitasking. It not only functions as a comfy place to sit and prop my leg (did I mention I also broke my knee cap?!), but is also a dinner tray, a medicine cabinet, a full time bed, and a technology center than rivals NASA's.  Now I can type on drugs. Cool, huh?

Gimme a second and I'll get you all caught up!

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