Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our first holiday without Anna Gray...

Is it weird to really and truly miss someone you've never met?

Back in February, I wrote a blog about it hitting us all of a sudden that it was time for our next child. I wrote that it was starting to feel like something was missing, that literally when we walked out the door it felt like we were forgetting somebody... wanna guess what month Anna Gray was born?!

The 4th of July is a not a big deal in some homes. For some people, it's mostly about the barbeques and fireworks... and that's okay! America has given them the right to make that day whatever they want, or don't want. As an active military family... it's a pretty big darn deal in our house. For that matter, after having to spend too many holidays apart- EVERY day is a pretty big darn deal in our house. But you know, the husband swells a little extra on days like July 4. He takes pride in the country he chooses to protect and the freedom it provides.

So happy Independence Day to each and every person. And our thanks to the other members of the military- both past and present- and their families for their willingness to protect what we take for granted every day.

Monday was a little different, as TWO of our girls were missing from our celebration. We expected to miss Layla (she was on a boat with grandparents), but neither of us expect to miss Anna Gray so much! We just felt incomplete without her here. It's kind of a strange feeling when we've never even held her, but our arms ache for her just like when our other children are away.

I really expected the next several months to go by fast (and I'm sure they will, in hindsight) but so far the time is INCHING by.

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