Wednesday, July 6, 2011

About the button...

A friend brought it to my attention that I hadn't been very clear about the purpose of the "Help Bring Anna Gray Home" button.

Let me tell you why it's on MY blog, and then you can decide if you want to put it on your's.

First, it's a reminder to pray. To pray for Annie, that her needs are cared for, that she is comforted when she cries, that she receives the medical care she requires, that she gets a hug today, that she comes home safely and in God's perfect time. Also a reminder to pray for our family as we tackle this adoption process, that we get thru the paperwork with ease, that we don't hit a lot of roadblocks on the way, that God provides the financial needs required to bring her home, that our children learn to step out on faith in our Savior.

Secondly, I hope that it raises awareness. I hope more and more people become aware of not only our family and our sweet Anna Gray, but of ALL the children waiting to be matched at Reece's Rainbow. There are an estimated 147 million orphans in the world. In Eastern Europe, children born with Down Syndrome are considered "throw aways". They are left in orphanages with only their most basic needs met and if not adopted, go on to adult mental institutions where they are treated with less care than we would treat a pet rock. We have been told that we will most likely get ugly looks when we go get her, because children/people "like her" aren't to be seen in public. It's ambitious, but maybe our button will be shared, and shared again, with someone who connects to one of these children and wants to bring them home.

Thirdly, it's no secret that adoption costs money- and a lot of it, to be honest. Selfishly, part of the reason our button is available is for those who feel led to support us with financial giving. Again, we would never ask anyone to give us money, but thankfully there are some who feel called to do so and will financially contribute to bringing Annie home. This is an easy, tax-deductable way to do it.

I offer the button on my blog for those who support us in any one of these ways, or any combination of the three.
Obviously, why you choose to share it on your blog is up to you- but whatever the reason... we thank you dearly!


  1. I know my blog doesn't reach a ton of people, but your story is very touching to me. So I grabbed Annie's button to place on my blog! I will continue to pray for you all through this journey! Yours hearts are so big and it is such a blessing!! And she is so so cute!! :-)
    *Jana Hicks

  2. Please remember that the world count of "orphans" includes a number of children who have lost only one parent and are still living with their surviving parent and families. It's not really accurate to say that there are so many orphans, and certainly there are nowhere near that number eligible for adoption.