Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet her siblings:

I probably should have posted this a long time ago for those of you just getting to "know" our family, but it got away from me. Plus, I knew these pics were coming and wanted to share them :) Two birds, you get it.

The photos are courtesy of my beautiful friend, Shelby.

This is Layla:

Layla is the exception to the rule. She is so smart, and has an imagination that can't be matched. She is just starting second grade and falls somewhere in the middle of "I'm pretending to be a horse/Can I sleep with you?" phase and "I don't need you to pick out my clothes for me/Can I have my own cell phone?" phase. It's pretty fun! She loves to make people smile and could be a professional big sister. She would like to be an archeologist or animal rescuer someday, or maybe an artist in Paris. If she were a mermaid, her tail would be hot pink.

This is Brynn:

There is none other like her. She is four, going on twenty-four. Brynn does EVERYTHING at full speed. She has the unique talent of making you want to bang your head against the wall with the biggest smile on your face. You can't help but love her! She is wildly entertaining, with dance moves you've never seen before! Her expressions are so over-the-top, you never wonder how she feels about anything. But if you do, don't worry... she will tell you! Her laugh is infectious and her athleticism undeniable. She's a big fan of purple and her goal in life is to be a rockstar. Right now, she is the best dishwasher- her preferred bribe- a girl could ask for.

This is Cale:

If you only knew how happy this picture makes him... He isn't allowed to wear his Spiderman suit to church or school, everything else is free game. He's such a special little guy, quite the charmer. He (they) are tall enough to wear a size 7, so it's easy to forget how young four really is. He has the most gorgeous smile and a fascination with all things boy: monster trucks, race cars, and the Air Force especially.  He can tell you all about a slew of Nascar drivers- his favorite is Carl Edwards. Number 99. Green Ford. Does backflips if he wins. He would live on fruit and yogurt if you'd let him. Cale can be very, very sweet and LOVES taking care of babies, especially girls :)

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