Monday, August 22, 2011

Fingers crossed.

Well, our (mine and Nathan's) physicals are dunzo.
It was a fairly simple process, once we got it scheduled... but in all honestly, I'm a little peeved :/

I really feel like the doc was/is making it harder than it has to be, as if this whole thing isn't hard enough. First of all, she wasn't pleasant lol. I get that she's all business, but she was borderline rude as if I were wasting her time. She won't give us a copy of her doctor's license as required by the dossier. Of course, she has that right. She even made a point to say that it is public record and we can get it somewhere else, and she's right... though it is an extra step. Okay, not a big deal I guess. Then I showed her the checklist from the dossier that states in BOLD CAPS that she needs to sign the medical statement in blue ink. She refused, at first telling me she isn't "allowed" to use blue ink, then explaining that she is allowed but chooses not to bc black ink copies better. Yes, it does, I'm just the messenger.

I had my little Brynnie Bear with me (who was AWESOME for the entire two hour visit, by the way) and she never acknowledged her. Again, not required to but still... then during the questionnaire after the 'How many pregnancies/How many births?' section... with my child sitting next to me... she said, "So you have one child?"  No ma'am, I have three and the fourth waiting in Eastern Europe. And yes, I'm positive she didn't intend to ask how many I'd had/birthed from my own body and yes, I'm positive she realized Brynn was my daughter.

The whole experience just left me feeling a little icky. I'm seriously PRAYING that her refusal to cooperate in the ink situation doesn't cause enough problems that we would have to get another physical somewhere else, especially since insurance is only covering the one.

*I will say, Nathan's experience was better- and faster- than mine. However, he is usually oblivious to such things whereas I am much more sensitive to those comments/behaviors/etc.

For now... Adoption Physicals: Check... ish.

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